Personal Stockpiles

I think it would be useful to be able to designate stockpiles to a single villager. The use to this is that they could store little bits for themselves, such as a few berries, or maybe things related to the villagers personality. This could be used to add a little more life to the settlers, also making it so that they don’t have to just raid the main stockpile but instead stock-up when their personal one is running low. It could also add things like theft, hoarders, and minimalists… maybe? Just a thought.

Thanks to what @Geoffers747 said I also think this could be the purpose of chests if they aren’t just decorative.

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I’ve always thought that having a personal inventory would be interesting, rather than say a stockpile. Items could then also be stored in chests or various storage containers in spaces designated as belonging to the respective settler - houses, bunks, etc.

The only reason I’m not certain on a stockpile is that I can see that becoming quite messy? But if you have an inventory that is tied up in the character screen/ character management screen bit then that could work?

You could also upgrade the personal inventory through various clothing upgrades?


Maybe that is what they could use the chests for. (a thing that made it on the maybe list)


I agree that chests etc would be nice, but ATM the game is completely lacking in any real kind of personal property at the moment. For example, being able to assign a house to someone, with any property in it automatically being tagged as his/her property too (or his/her family’s property, if we ever go down that route).

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Well, I can’t say I don’t support this idea.

That would make me a communist.

You’re right… Scratch the idea, COMMUNISM FOR EVERYONE!

@LordNevs, what is your opinion on the matter?


I think you read that wrong, @naturalnuke :smile:

Well, I like a bit of communism in my town, but I still think a feature like this (or the chests, really) could be good—a player doesn’t need to do this, after all.


Oh I want this feature to… then I can have all of their stuff already divided up.

food chest aka ice chest

I didn’t feel like posting 666 times so I just put all of my responses into this post. #Lazy


Nods head in solemn approval

You are NOT a true commie. You’re either all in or all out.

What?! Players aren’t forced to be commies!? This is an outrage!

What?? ;-:

I was under the impression Mr. Stalin was responsible for the burning of churches and overall taboo of religion in the USSR.

I think that while communism would be easier to manage, you should be able to set items to be delivered to each settler every X days as payment. While this would shorten resources, they would be much happier.

If it was for the glory of the soviet union and communism, god would pardon such an act in a second.


Besides, why would God pardon the killer of 49 million men, women, and children? That is why I need Fascism.

aaaaand, i think we were talking about stockpiles in here somewhere? :wink:


{Reads post}

{Re-reads post}

Nope. Still can’t tell if serious.

Seriously, we’re discussing communal vs private stockpiles & storage. Take discussion of sick, inhuman creeds elsewhere please.

So how bought them Templars?

Don’t blame me, it was @Dwalus who requested the presence of what seems to be the only communist deputy on this forum.

Back to rebuilding the USSR. Gimme a ring if you folks need me.

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i think that personal stockpiles would imply that there are items that the villagers would own and only own themselves, which means right now, not in the game

I never said I was a true commie, though. Just wanted to clarify.

But yes, stockpiles. Chests. Umm… what was my opinion again?