Personal Space - Biome/Faction Difference?

The personal space feature from the latest Desktop Tuesday seems pretty cool, and it gave me a few ideas.

In a warm desert, people might eventually want larger rooms to allow for more ventilation, at least in the daytime. However, in the cold of the Arctic, clustering in cramped spaces is one of the easiest ways to stay warm. Could this be reflected in how personal space affects happiness?

It could also be represented as a faction difference, though. Perhaps Rayya’s children, since they’ve had to live in a harsher environment than the Ascendancy, are slightly more forgiving towards smaller buildings. From all the lore I’ve heard, it seems like the Northern Alliance might prefer sticking close together a bit more than the other humans. Dwarves seem like they’d be pretty fine with tight tunnels, while too much open space might actually be uncomfortable. Then again, they also tend to like huge, open, underground vaults, so I don’t think personal space alone is quite enough for them.

This is also one of the few things that could possibly be affected by both. Right now, your faction plays a large role in what you can do [e.g., farmable plants, IIRC], so I’d certainly like biome to affect more things.


Personally, I’ve always thought of the Ascendancy as the people who prefer more private time: seperate houses with their own beds, no more than two Hearthlings per building, private eating areas, a more spread out and open town.

Rayya’s Children imo are slightly different: they still prefer their own rooms, but they prefer to be among the community all other times. When eating, they prefer a more open area where they can all gather and eat together, and when it comes to architecture, they prefer more windows and open spaces that allow the cool breeze to blow through, but not so much that the cold desert nights chill them to the bone.

I don’t know much about any other planned civs, but the Northern Alliance would definitely prefer to build fewer, larger buildings than the others, with a source of heat in each one. Think Nordic-style buildings (or Skyrim if that’s more familiar), where all eating is done in one huge building, every Hearthling prefers to “live” with at least one other Hearthling (in other words, more than one bed in every house), and generally not much alone time is had in order to keep as warm as possible.

If Dwarves are actually a planned playable race, then they would definitely prefer to live in darker places surrounded by stone and metal. They might have a few buildings above-ground, but they would be built exclusibely from stone, and the dwarves would be less happy living there than underground in a mountain. And yes, it would have to be in a mountain. Try to make them live underground in the dirt, and they’ll be unhappy. They need those stone walls. Eating would be a communal activity, and sleeping quarters would probably have around four beds apiece.

Those are just my thoughts. I may be far from hitting what the devs have envisioned for each civ. At any rate, I hope the happiness adjustments move quickly and easily, because I’m looking forward to the new civs and classes more than anything!

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