Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


Finally: LostEms got its major 1.3 update.


  • 3x3 windows for all crafters,
  • red banners for the Weaver,
  • clay windows in all sizes,
  • large window planters,
  • missing input containers for all crafters,
  • a part of W.I.P. Blacksmith set,
  • windowed wooden doors.


  • reorganised crafting categories for Carpenter, Mason and Potter,
  • redone ACE support,
  • fixed Ascendancy wall banners not available to Rayya’s Weaver,
  • fixed wide window and wall standard rotation errors,
  • optimalised localisation files.


Good job, even though the image is almost 100% modded items, it looks like a vanilla game


LostEms 1.4 is up, Blacksmith and red Weaver sets are complete, also added mullioned wooden windows and some other minor stuff. Enjoy!


And one more update for LostEms, just a bunch of elaborate fixes this time but so complicated that I decided to number it as 1.5. Going for Archmod now.


did you fix the long horizontal blue lattice clay window turning green when placed for some reason?

not sure if its blue or beige, but I’m sure its a long lattice window


Erm, no because I don’t experience such a bug. I’ve just checked .qb and .json files and everything is in order so the only possible problem is wrong colour space in QB export settings.


As some of you may know, I am working not only on Archmod now, but also on Serene Kingdom and Coast Biome, which all share the same purpose: to give Stonehearth that unmatched Mediterranean feeling. Kingdom and biome will be one mod, but they could also become a part of Archmod, allowing deeper interaction (Archmod entities in building templates, tier reward unlocks for the Architect etc.). The question is: should the mods be merged or kept separate?

  • merge Archmod with Serene League and Coast Biome
  • keep Archmod separate from Serene League and Coast Biome

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