Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


I’m sorry to write you’ll have to wait some more time because now I’m fighting some strictly technical difficulties and I’ve made screens of almost all objects which are ready to go, I’ll be back to designing new elements when the problems are solved.


I would very much like to request an update to this mod. This update would include windows of 3x3 size. I very much love the cross beamed stone window frame and i want to use it in a build i’m doing but the way the building itself is shaped i need a 3x3 window size for it to work and i KNOW the cross beamed stone window frame item would look great in it in a 3x3 size and in general. I would suggest adding multiple windows from the mod in a 3x3 size too.


Nice idea. I am planning a substantial extension of Lostems after first release of the Archmod, so feel free to post any suggestions here.


The colored clay windows you added in Lost Ems are sometimes a bit fuzzy, sadly I can’t point the finger on the issue. I ususally place my large windows one block above the ground, but sometimes it doesn’t let me place them below two blocks above the ground. Perfectly normal wall, perfectly normal house. Happend to me quite a few times now. :frowning:

Can’t get lower than this with your windows, but the base game windows can. The steam screenshots don’t show your cursor, else you could se that I’m trying to pull it down :smiley:
No items on the other side of the wall, btw.

Edit: Nvm, I found it: You just can’t place it below that. If your building has a foundation of at least one block, you can place it wherever you want. Is that intended? If that’s the case… why? :smiley:


Thanks for reporting, it’s a bug, not a feature, I’ll look into it. Sadly I have too much real life stuff to do now :forlorn:


I finally found your mod threat :smiley:

Anyways, I already posted this on your workshop mod page, but I noticed something with the windows of LostEms.

Frankly, the tall windows are being used be hearthlings as a way through. If I’m correct, windows have an attribute of some sorts, that puts them on an extremely low priority for pathfinding, to which Hearthlings won’t use them as a door. This seems to be missing for the windows from this mod, making my hearthlings climb through windows to get into a building.

Next to this, I also want to mention that the link in the description of that mod, doesn’t quite work xD


I wish I had time to finally sit down to these, real life stuff is pushing me a bit too hard this year. I could really use that Christmas break. I just want to let you know nothing is abandoned here, I still have my mod files and notes waiting for somewhat more promising circumstances.

EDIT: LostEms fix uploaded here and to Steam Workshop, thanks for the bug reports.


I’ve just updated LostEms, the mod now fully supports ACE!


There is a slight issue with the latest version of EMS that I noticed… that being that I cannot, under any circumstances seemingly, load up my save that used the previous version.

Quite frankly, it tries to load it in, and then at around 90-95% the game just closes, and LostEms is the only mod that has changed since then. Did you perhaps remove or edit things that could have caused this?

If possible, and if you still have it, could I have a download of the previous version for my save, as I can’t simply start a new one unfortunately


The new one has quite a lot of changes, it now has its server script to make it compatible with other mods. I suppose you were in the middle of crafting something what had its recipe changed. Sadly I don’t have the old version anymore :frowning:

EDIT: ACE support submod had typos in the manifest, uploaded fixed version (1.1a) here and to the Workshop.


Thanks for the update! Are there any plans for wide window boxes? ACE brought in all types of curtains but not window boxes yet it seems.

And please tell me tablecloths are not abandoned!


Entities covered with or made of cloth are on hold because I’m waiting for ACE to develop its array of entities so I know the design principles for each set and windows wait for curtains. This mod is on top of my priority list so worry not. LostEms 1.1a has two errors I haven’t yet managed to fix. I’m also trying to provide new version of Autoharvest with ACE support.


Ho, ho, ho, a bit late this year but I bring you a gift: Autoharvest is with us back again, this time faster and ACE-friendly! This wouldn’t happen without @paulthegreat who found two final, stupid mistakes in my code.


Just dropped in to write that whoever removed banner recipes from Rayya’s Weaver workshop will pay for this. The next update for LostEms will be named “Who took my banners?!” and will not only re-enable them but also provide a whole new set of red Weaver items to match Rayya’s style.

It will also add tons of stuff we already have. In new, different sizes.


I’m using an Imac and Autoharvest isn’t working between saves. When I load back in it has a two side by side selection boxes, and I have to go through all the crops individually to reset it.


This happens if you loaded a save with older version of Autoharvest after the last update. Sadly, with the changes made, there is no way to avoid this and changes are mandatory to support ACE.


I’m using ACE and have started repeated new games (because of ACE mod disconnects). And I’m on the 3 Jan Autoharvest from Steam. Will Stonehearth Cafe cause the issue? I noticed it hasn’t updated to ACE yet.


Cafe could be problematic if its entities use it because the way one enables autoharvest has changed in 2.0 (now it is simply injecting a command, not creating a whole component, the command will create the component when pressed for the first time, this actually proved to save a lot of memory).

I uploaded 2.0a, I finally got some time to test and adjust the mod for multiplayer use.

EDIT: Uploaded Autoharvest v2.1: fixed bug @c2beverly reported, added Swamp biome support, added an option to assign a hotkey for toggling autoharvest.


I should rename the mod to FoundEms…

Autoharvest got a minor upgrade (renaming one function) to avoid problems with unstable and future versions of ACE and other mods mixing into renewable_resource_node_component.lua.


Autoharvest just got a long wanted feature: box selection enabling. Link at the first post, Steam version was updated as well.