Pathfinder zig-zag

**Title: **
Citizen tend to zig-zag since pathfinder change

**Summary: **
While watching your citizen wander around or collecting supplies you can see them often to walk in a zig-zag pattern instead of aiming straight for their target.

**Steps to reproduce: **

It does not take some special steps for me to reproduce

  1. Give your workers something to do e.g collection supplies

  2. Watch them

**Expected Results: **
The workers should head in a straight way to their target not that often doing the zig-zag.

**Actual Results: **
Workers tend to zig-zag when walking to their destination, more often then necessary.

**Notes: **

I do not concider this a game-breaking bug, but it kind of disturbes the flow of the other lovely animations you put into that game


Other then video it is hard to show.

**Versions and Mods: **

Alpha3 “official” Steam release

Mods --> none

**System Information: **

Intel i7-3770


AMD HD-7950