Party selection color

I skimmed through today’s stream and I noticed that when a party is selected, the color stays white. This becomes a small problem when using the mouse to hover over another, non-partied hearthling because it appears as though the non-partied hearthling is part of the party. This could possibly be fixed by having the party selection outline show as the color red or another color other than white. I believe a small change like this one would help party’s be more noticeable when selected and also help prevent some occasional confusion.


They’ll have to be careful with color choice for hilights. Currently, red is used for hilights on enemies and their stuff. Orange is reserved for neutral stuff (trees, boulders, shrubs, goblins that you promised to give stuff to). White is for your hearthlings and their stuff. This is valuable information to have at a glance, so you don’t want to remove it.

My thought is that they should have two shades of each color. One for regular hilights and one for mouseover hilights. Ideally the regular hilights would be a darker shade and the mouseover brighter. So for the example of a party, each member would get a very light gray hilight and the individual hearthling you are mousing over would get a white hilight. Mouseover hilights would take precedence, so if the mouseover target is also in a party, it would still be white and not light grey.


Of course you would not want to remove the hilight, but as I stated just change it. What you said does make more sense, but I am worried that having it only be a slightly darker shade would not stand out as much. This of course may not be true but it is something to take note of.

Yeah. It’s all up to tweaking. It’s often surprising how little a difference in color it takes to be visible. You can have two quite bright colors and one will still be noticeably brighter.