Party commands vs individual commands

Currently, if you give one of your soldiers a command individually, they will perform that command and then start a patrol.
If you have the rest of the party performing a separate command, that first hearthling will not rejoin its party


  • I have a single party, Party 1, with 4 members: a Knight, a Footman, a Cleric, and an Archer.
  • I tell Party 1 to defend an area.
  • I see one of those giant goblins outside of this area, I send my Archer to murder and loot him.
  • The Knight, the Footman, and the Cleric are still chilling, defending the area
  • The Archer beings patrolling on his own


  • The Archer’s individual command (to murder the goblin) overrides his party command until it is complete, and then he reverts back to his party command (to defend an area)

p.s. is there a way to take a screenshot outside of steam? I tried printscreen but it just gave me an all black screenshot