Panning in the game (specifically staying in the playable area)

I have a toddler who likes to pan around the game. She loves to pan specifically out into space. This is not normally a problem, since I can click on the Citizens, and the camera view goes to any citizen I click on.

This does become a problem when I start a new game, and I haven’t posted the flag yet. If she is zooming out far and in multiple directions, I can’t find land again, and I have to create a new game.

Can you please make it so the camera can’t go so far off the playable area?


hey there @LaMutt14, welcome to the discourse :smile:

keeping the camera restricted to inside the world borders is definitely a good idea :thumbsup:

that being said, currently if you hit the G key it should center the camera on the banner, or the center of the world if you haven’t placed the banner. (at least it does for me, but i do have a few debug options enabled…)

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