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Wait… we hit 40k? Well… wow. It was at 35k not too long ago. Thats awesome :smiley: Thanks![quote=“TurtleSquish, post:1223, topic:5176”]
I bet it’ll be the first post to get to 100 for the first post :smiley:
I hope so…[quote=“SirAstrix, post:1224, topic:5176, full:true”]
So…this will be playable when you’re done, right?

I have no idea xD



Going for a double release! I’ll be releasing The City Render and an original on the same day… hopefully just before feburary… if not then it’ll be 1st or 2nd of March :smiley:

Almost done, just adding people and the gates to the scene :slight_smile:


Dont worry i dont think this and i dont know anyone who has the guts or the brain to really say this :wink:



Codename:RSPWN has been released on Patreon! Being followed by the city render on Tuesday. Gonna try to do another Stonehearth one soon! Probably going to be a Raya’s Children one since I havent done one yet.



It’s done! Sadly I had to stop before I wanted since my PC couldnt handle anymore without constant crashing but I think it turned it great! A few community references here, see if you can find them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to @Hyrule_Symbol for his help! He made the gates.

Oakridge used to be near a mountain a forest invasion had forced it’s founders to move to a small island to the south of camp. The old city was infested with Entlings and Golems, the plan to take it back will be ready soon!

I’ll be back with more soon!


References Found:

The Lonely Golem and his Dog
@Avairian Samurai


wow, this turned out so amazing! great job mate, cant wait to see what you come out with next.

well i definitely see the lonely stone golem with his rescue puppy (hidden as to not spoil it for others)

oh! and is that Avarian’s samurai?

haven’t seen any others yet.


If my count it right there are 3!


I opened the thread and I was wowed. Honestly, even though I knew it was coming I still didn’t expect the full magnitude. Awesome job. I think the third reference is the Pandemic Knight and the Goblin Thief?


I like that only the ears of the bunny statue are visible :smiley:


Am I allowed to say I didn’t liked this without sounding like a jerky?

Let me explain: This is wonderful. It is 9/10. And here lies the problem, your old images were all 10/10!

I understand that from a technical point of view you accomplished a big feat here. It is a huge image and has a lot on it, congrats.
But for me as a viewer it is just the same houses over and over. There is not much to look.

One of your old designs that is better:

I understand that from that far view such details are not easy.
You had an awesome idea to cover this problems which was to use submitted buildings from other designers, and it would have worked great, but there is only one on it?
I don’t know what is your schedule, but at least for us, you don’t need to hurry. We all like your art and I think you could have waited a little more for this one

Again, sorry for the critics (I’m reading my text and it sound a little bad, but it was not my intention), I liked your art a lot!


I must say i kinda agree with @BrunoSupremo
Not to be a jerky as he said as well

I dunno; i did the gate; and i’m glad that i could help out, but if we waited a little longer, i would’ve totally made like… 5~7 houses for this render, and even more.

You could’ve aks as well.

I’d say; don’t beafraid to ask for some help; we’re in a really nice and friendly community
There really shouldn’t be Rivarly and Pressur on helping each other out. (You could say that you and I are Rivals; but that doesn’t mean we can’t aks for some backup from time to time)

I’m not trying to insult you, or ake you look bad or anything (and thinking about it, i shouldn’t’ve replied right after another criticism)

We’re all backup here


Thanks for the honest criticism, I needed to see those words and I’m going to be improving on those issues.


So, I had this great idea for a render and here’s the first glimpse into what I’m doing!

Gonna be awesome.


oh man, i can tell this is gonna be good. based on those lava-falls, (at least i think thats what they are…) i’m guessing that its gonna be something to do with the magma smith…


I’ve done as much as I could on the Magma smith until we get more information :confused: ON THE BRIGHTSIDE! I do have another original project in the works, it’s not a robot one. more info soon!



Yes. That is my occupation, and my occupation alone.
Commencing: Robotic Laughter

[size=4] ha ha ha [/size]


So… I’m back I guess?


Incase you guys havent noticed. I’ve been absent for about a month without updates or pretty things for your eyes. Long story short, My older brother tried to torrent Subnautica after I told him I wouldn’t help him on my laptop and I got a virus that corrupted everything in the folder he put it in. He happened to save it to my “New Format” folder which had my rigs, exported files and current projects. So, I have to start over with the ones I showed in previous posts. Kinda lost some modivation. BUT I’M BACK!

So reading the comments on the big one. I’m reverting back to what you guys like, and the stuff I enjoy making rather than trying to make these huge projects knowing my limits wont allow it.

That being said! Here’s a peek at the VERY early start of the next render. Nothing special!

Gonna be another river city. I just love making the river ones… I like water. SO the white cubes will be replaced with buildings and such. I’m gonna try for the same level of detail I had in the Military Parade Render. Though if I start having issues, I may need to start cutting corners.

Hope to have more soon!


dang… that sucks… i wish there was something i could do to help…:sweat:

funny enough, the river/water town renders have always been my favorite… :smile:


darn @Pandemic brothers, am I right? I hope you can sort everything out. And once again I like where the river town is going. The bridge design is very cool with the grate underneath, I hope the game someday supports bridges with the under “tresses” like that.

Out of curiosity why is all the land white?


When I first start planning a render, I use cubes in Blender to see if the idea I had would work and easily shift around what is needed. Later I’ll switch it out for housing, and the terrain etc


Hey guys! So Figured I’d pop in and remind you guys (Aside from @8BitCrab, he somehow finds me everywhere) that i post updates on Twitter! If you want to see more updates on my images outside of the discourse, I think there’s going to be a link in Post #1