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So, It’s smaller than most of mine. I like it though for what it is! I’m going to a joint release because it’s been awhile.

So, this one is the beauty Render for the upcoming Wolf Legion Armor mod! (Wolf not included… unless it’s easy to implement). I’m gonna be upping my game more with the fire soon! I may have found a way to make the particles shrink as they go upwards.

I’m hoping to try to get more Stonehearth content out, but as it stands I’m kinda running of creative fumes of it. It’s getting a little dull making town after town after town, and the Mech ones allow the branch off. I do hope to do more soon though.


Wow I really like this one. The fire is glorious and the shot itself is well composed. The Wolf Legion Armor is also super cool.

Totally getcha, don’t feel any pressure. Make at your hearts content.


Very excited for this mod. Hope it has a high iLevel!


UPDATE: The Big One

So, you guys remember that really big city render I was talking about doing. Well It’s happening. Like now. It’s gonna be big. Trust me. Here’s a scale showing how big a average goblin is to this city.


See that block dot? Sorta looks like a little spec on your monitor? Thats him. That’s our favorite goblin thief. You cant tell but he’s waving at you.

But I need buildings. Alot of buildings. Like around 10 of each roof color. Alot will be reused and moved. So here’s what I’m gonna do! For the basic Ascendancy, I need 10 of each roof color available. I want some of you guys to make the buildings! Some big, some small but all important!

If you’d like to help! Feel free to comment and say “I’d like to help” and I’ll make a message with everyone in it where files will be exchanged. Each person who helps will have their usernames added to a contributors list which will be put into Post #1. People who want to take it upon themselves to make special buildings like churches, barns, bridges, boats and other kinds of stuff like that, I’d strongly appreciate it.

I’m asking for help because my schedule is extremely packed right now and I can’t possibly make all the buildings I need!


  1. Files must be readable by Qubicle Contructor 1.0 ( .qmo, .qb, .vox, .vxl, etc,)
  2. Roofs must be colored to the roof colors in-game, Colors are available in Post #1
  3. If you wish to do a special building, please let me know.

This is a huge project and the first of my community projects! If I get everything I need it’ll be less than a week to finish and I don’t even want to think about rendering times. This is my first BIG stonehearth render in awhile!

Lets make it a good one!


I would love to help.

I just spent an unreasonable amount of time rewriting that sentence to get it as close to the minimum amount of characters possible - only one over - without using an unreasonable amount of exclamation points, and I’m unreasonably proud of it.


End of Night Update:

Here’s tonight progress!

So, I’ve got scaling figured out! Castle walls have been made! Bridge has been started! There will be a goblin camp somewhere, idk where but it’ll exsist! Houses and layout tomorrow! You can kinda see how the smallest house is compared to the walls, hopefully it turns out well :slight_smile:



Got some houses in! only 6 different designs so far! Progress is steady!

Got a Twitter! If you want more updates on my originals and my Stonehearth works, head over and follow me :slight_smile:

Twitter: Tyler Young (@pandemic_art) | Twitter


Come on folks! let’s give @Pandemic a huge hand for all the hard work his projects take.


i was very tempted to find a picture of a huge hand… but the stream stopped me from doing that…

but yes, Pandemic does deserve a round of applause for all the work he puts into these renders, keep up the good work mate!



Blender started crashing XD

I’ve added too many models in and it’s becoming hard to work. So I’m going to be downsizing a little. Which isnt bad since most of it would be trees. Like. A lot of trees.

Here’s the new size:


to be quite honest, i didnt notice the resize at first…

i’m pretty sure this render depicts what everyone wants the game to be capable of when its complete. good work so far mate :smile: :thumbsup:


ATM there are. 400 path models meaning about 2000 path voxels. Plus another 200 - 250 trees, and about another 150 house. Still needs people, more trees, bunny statue or 2. No clue how much is left.


And dont forget the castlegate and flowers to decorate the meadow (Wiese) :wink:


yeah i’m with @8bitcrab I rescrolled up to see the difference in size, it wasn’t apparent at first. I can’t believe you filled in all the trees and houses last night :open_mouth: you must have been working like a beast. Anyway it looks awesome, have you given any thought to the name of the city?


I haven’t, been too busy filling in the image XD


Oh! Wait! I wanna help too!
I didn’t see the thing until this point and i want in!

I can do stuff! And stuff!
Hell, if my hardware is more optimal; i could even Render it for you! I just have to do something!

Edit: and i’d also like to wave back to the goblin


Hearthendale! That should be the name!


Can I just say, that 40k+ views is insane.

Amazing stuff @Pandemic.


Yeah and almost at 80 likes for the first post alone, I bet it’ll be the first post to get to 100 for the first post :smiley:


So…this will be playable when you’re done, right?