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It’s gonna be a tree :smiley:


oooh! even better!


Quick Update:

I’m back to work on Tuesday so I have another 2 days of solid work time for Renders and Creative tasks, gonna try to get this one mostly finished so I only need to do composing and minor tweeks.

Have a few ideas for the next few, kinda wanting to make some Assassin’s Creed eche ones with my Thief and the RA buildings. Let me know if you guys would be open to those. Just them doing sneaky things being sneeky little thieves. Yes that included our favorite green guy… if you thought of the Hulk I’m disappointed.

Here’s the progress on the current WIP:

That’s all I got! Later Folks!


RELEASE… sorta… you gotta do a clicky thing with your mouse but yeah… RELEASE:

So, I just released the original aka Non-Stonehearth render! I’m not gonna put it here since it’s not stonehearth but if you wanna see how it turned out you can head over to DeviantArt or Patreon! Both have it up, I like it.

Links are in post one :slightly_smiling:

Still working on the Golem one, should be out next weekend or so :slight_smile:


Hey Folks! Wanted to let you guys know whats going on and why I havent been posting updates. Long story short I’ve backed away from Stonehearth for awhile. I realized all I’d be doing to new solid info came out is repeating the same idea over and over with different landscapes :confused:

So I’ve been focusing on my Original works. Just posted an update up on the Facebook page. If you guys want to check it out you can :slightly_smiling: . I will be coming back for new renders when more information is released that I can work with. Maybe I’ll throw a few out in the coming weeks, depends on how things go

Original Piece #2 Shipping Yard is now available on Patreon! Stonehearth Render in the works.


i really need to start supporting you on patreon… but for that i would need money, which requires a job…


It’s only 24hr wait, just be happy im not evil and make mods and such Patreon delayed XD


its not necessarily that i dont want to wait for “the goodies”, but rather the fact i want to support one of my favorite artists :wink:



As posted earlier I have just posted my new original artwork, head over to DeviantArt or Facebook tomorrow unless you’re a patreon then you can see it right now!

I have something new for you! As I mentioned awhile back I’ll be bring stand-alone Armor mods out! I wanted to wait till helmets are out but hey guys whats on the way? HELMETS!!! So I’ve decided to grab all my old armors revamp em’ and toss em’ at a new coder to put into your hands!

First on the list is still by far my favorite design I’ve ever made, and one of my original fan favorites! The Wolf Legion Armor, since Helmets are coming out it’ll come with the awesome Wolf Helmet! Take a look at what you’ll be getting!

You’ll be getting the armor, 1h Sword, Claw (It’s a shield. Isn’t that just sick?) and the Helmet! All in a mod for public consumption! Since this is a stand-alone this is it, but once I release 5 mods there’ll be a pack available. Each mod will come with a Weapon, and Armor set. Sometimes multiple.

This will be the first BUT The Thief Armor WILL be a stand-alone! Which will be great. Cause it’s amazing as it can possibly be. Here’s to hoping it comes soon!


he looks so cool! this makes me even more excited for helmets, which i didnt think was possible. :smile:



SO, I’ve gotten a great idea for a render given info so happily gave us on Desktop Tuesday!

Herblist and the Golems! They’ll be featured heavily in this one. I’m scrapping the other one cause I really dont like how its turning out along with the Necromancer one due to Design change! this is one will be amazing though! Heres a quick look!

Not much to go off of huh? Figured the Entlings would need to know how to climb to survive in the forests :smiley: More to come soon!


Eww he’s climbing the bones of his dead cousins :cry:


Out of all the issues I thought people would bring up I never thought of that… my responce?

They believe in recycling.


That legion wolf armor is ridiculously awesome. Would make the weaver soooo worth it to get that… I’m guessing it would be the weaver anyway


Blacksmith. It’s metal. The Weaver will be getting the Thief Gear though


Pandemic, do you plan on updating or expanding the FEP?

I love your works, and the FEP is the closest way to reproduce them in-game. Is it ever going to be added upon in the near future?


I should probably go about updating FEP for Alpha 14… It would be quite easier for me to work at the moment than Nihonjin.

Pandemic also sent me some new models awhile ago that still need to go into the mod. :sweat_smile:



New Mecha image is out on Patreon! Gonna need to think of a name for them… eh.

Stonehearth one is coming along, no image today but it isnt dead!



Been discussing mod making with a bunch of people and I might have some mods for you guys very soon! FEP may have been updated, waiting on confirmation. Wolf Legion Armor will be ready soon, followed by the Thief Gear and various other sets I have lying around :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for those!

FEP Link Changed! Updated! Thanks to @Wiese2007!


A little late but:

Stonehearth Render incoming!