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… or armour customization! Choose the flare color, and the trim metal. :smile:


What I do in my free time is my own damn Business!!!


The horse looks great, if a bit small. :smiley:

"render_info": {
            "scale": 0.15

My friend there is your answer :wink:


As far as the helmets go, thats actually a small part of my scratch pad for armor. I think I have another 20 or so helmets and armors without a purpose yet, those included. I just doodle on a stonehearth dudes face and if it comes to something awesome I toss it on the scratch pad and wait for a purpose to come to me.[quote=“Swift_Cube, post:57, topic:5176, full:true”]
The horse looks great, if a bit small.
I figured like the wolf and Titan models I could scale up and down, but much like the helmets I have no intention to make a mod or use it in any form until I have a good enough reason. Hell if someone came to me and asked to use the models I post (that don’t already have a claim to awesomeness) I’d probubly say yes if I see merit in the idea


Chicken. That’s all.


Whats with you and all the animals?

I get bored, animals are challenges to make in voxel form. I like challenges. Plus they are 2 animals that have had many attempts on and I wanted to see if I could do better or just a good


Try making multiple dog breeds, Its really hard!

It helps to have references and inspiration. Cause if you just wake up and say “I’m going to make some models today” 2 things will happen.

  1. They will most likely turn out poorly
  2. You will get better at it.

If you have the drive to go for a 3 hour modelling session than making a lot of models even of the same variety becomes simple.


I need some inspiration…

Dogs :slight_smile: here you go.

I said Inspiration not something to make -_-

More like this?

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@Pandemic I love that chicken too :scream: if only adding a new animal to the game were easy, I would be demanding a mod for these animals. :slight_smile:

I dunno… because he’s awesome? :smile:


That chicken is so damn cute :heart:

._. Adding animals to the game… Wouldn’t that be just adding another critter nest (like the rabbit, fox, etc)? But it has to have animations, then.

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Well obviously if you wanted them to act just as foxes etc. do it would probably be alright, you can just copy or reference their code and simply make some animations. I was more imagining though of them having some different behaviour, I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: I guess having a pet chicken follow you round would be rather cute :slight_smile:

Well, those critters already follow your settlers… or the trapper… and then wander around at the camp…

But you’re saying the functionality that Kickstarter’s pets are supposed to have. Hmm…

I’m not sure. I’ve tried adding a few scenarios at some point but I can’t figure them out. No error messages but they never appear.