Overlapping Health & Other Important Stuff

So an issue that i feel with the game so many times is that your soldiers or normal hearthlings during combat goes under trees or inside building or what ever it could be that blocks the view of them and it also blocks the possibility to see your peoples health which is not very good since you want to be able to overwatch the combat and help if needed.

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So what i would love if the game could have is that Health for example will always overlap and be ontop what ever is going it will always be over everything because it’s such an important thing to see for both combat but also if a hearthling gets stuck and they start to drop health you will spot em and take care of them


That would work along with making it where you could turn trees invisible to see. The idea is really solid though. 10/10

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Agreed, i find it difficult to see who’s hurt mid-battle so i end up relying on the warnigs to get my heathlings out of trouble, which sometimes is too late by the time i order them to run away(arrows take time to fly…)

I’d really like to “overwatch” the battle! Ha!
(I just bought it so i’m really giddy, sorry)

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I’d like to see the health of fighters to be always visible wherever they are. When I send my party out to fight an enemy in the woods the trees make it extremely hard to see how they are doing. Which makes it a tricky situation to judge whether the fight is going well or if you should get your men to retreat.

Making health visible over surroundings would give you the opportunity to manage your troops more.

I agree, I have this problem simply fighting next to a wall or cliff-side

I disagree, currently I am able to tell if some got hit or not.
A quick look at my units takes not really much time and I can judge pretty easily who to call back and who not.

If the health would always be there, the hearts could overlap in some situations and while thinking everything is okay, one of my fighters could be near death.
Additionally I have to check out each and every one to see if they are doing well or not.

Sometimes too much info is worse than too little.

No, hearts should always be drawn infront of terrain. Especially when fighting in a wooden area.

Either that, or a row above the Squad selector with hearts for everyone (and if you click them you center on the unit)

hey there @Quryx, just merged your thread over to this one on the same idea.

also, seeing as not everyone agrees it should be a thing, perhaps there could be option in the settings to turn it on/off, that way if people don’t like it they don’t have to have it. :slight_smile:


Well the game is still in alpha so they should come up with something and try it, the way it is now isn’t working.

The way i want it to be is just like now health will only be shown when damaged but the health will always overlap once it’s visible.
The way it’s now with health hiding under trees and buildings just feels wrong and strange.

Another thing could be that once in combat health is always showing on your troops no matter if they are damaged or not for you to have better understanding if you have troops under a tree or behind something in the fight


Had my two footmen fight a stonegolem… or maybe they are just admiring the tree?
There must be a way better solution, to display the healthbars than the current one! i could think of several things… is it just low prio from the developers?