Overlapping farms

Title: Overlapping farms

Starting a new farm designation outside an existing one and then dragging over the original designation will create an overlapping designation. Whist the many many farm layers create a beautiful golden effect the farm gods were angered and the game crashed before I could see whether crops would grow,

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place farm designation
  2. Start new farm designation outside original designation, drag mouse over to other corner.
  3. An overlapping designation will now appear

Expected Results:
Unable to overlap

Actual Results:
Golden Glory



Versions and Mods:
Alpha 3
System Information:


Amazing. I wonder what it’s like harvesting overlapping crops. I bet the villagers would be confused…

harvests crop

“Why is that thing still here? Oh well. More food.”


I haven’t encountered this issue since I created another farm plot next to one that wasn’t still finished. It didn’t let me overlap the red areas.

Hmm I just tried this and I still could, try just placing a larger farm over the original farm, it should overlap?

I wonder if the state of the original farm factors in… @Geoffers747, had there been any activity in the original farm before you attempted to overlap?

I was able to overlap a fully constructed farm I believe (nothing was growing yet) I was also able to overlap simply the designations themselves.

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