Optimization issues

These are some optimisation issues I’ve encountered during gameplay, more towards mid-game
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a GeForce GTX 960 as a GPU
  2. Have a medium sized settlement
  3. Use the cliping tool to see true walls

Expected Results:
The game runs well, everyone is happy and a happy ending
Actual Results:
The game hating the tool and droping a substancial amount of FPS
This might only happen to me. Reducing the graphics does not help. The second cliping tool, the one that simply removes everything but floors and furniture, works a tiny bit better, FPS wise
Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods. Alpha 18 release 663
System Information:
64-bit, 8GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 960 2GB as a GPU, Windows 10, i5-[Im not home so here should be a bunch of numbers] intel processor.

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The dev team is aware that the building vision mode you mention is computationally expensive and produces lag.
Not sure when it will be addressed since there are other performance issues they are working on currently.

Thank you. I kinda expected this to be known but in the detailed Trello board, I didn’t see anything regarding optimisation so I somewhat wanted to see if optimisation things were worked on, now, I know. Thank you again

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I think their mindset is “if we can optimize this when we go to work on it we will”. They are working on building though, so optimizing performance issues regarding building are probably in their bucket of tasks to be done.

Also optimizing is kind of a broad thing to put on a trello board. Especially since their trello board is public many of their tasks are big changes that players would recognize.

The term we use as my work is “the less sexy side of game dev” which encompasses performance issues. Usually these aren’t brought up as tasks to be done, but any significant performance fix would be listed on patch notes.


The Trello board only deals with “bigger concepts” - many things they are working on are not and will not be detailed there.

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