One Vassal -A Shakespearean play by Turtlsquish

I have written in many writing styles with varying level of success, and so I decided to challenge myself to write a Shakespearean play. For a while I struggled to think of a plot line. One day when I was role playing a continues game in Dawn of Discovery the idea hit me. I named myself “Yakalat” and my rival was Leif Jorgensen. And I was quiet pissed when he claimed the island to the immediate south of me. That is where the “in-game” motivation ended. The rest of the plot line was my own conception. I also used the names of different Anno 1404 characters throughout the play. Here is a quick list of names I made up, Galdin Yakalat, Raoul Yakalat, Aguste Jorgensen, Alexandra Jorgensen, Nicolas Rivers, Woodrow Thornton, and Lord Cotter.

Now here is the question I would like to ask all of you.
Do you want me to post the entire play all at once, or should I release it over time?
Regardless I have the whole thing written already, so don’t worry about “running out of content”
@SteveAdamo can you make this a poll?

I will release the first act first scene right now.

It should be noted that this play was written as a tragedy and not all my messages are positive ones.

I have compiled a character list.

Leif Jorgensen-Young minstrel.
Sir Aguste Jorgensen- Father of Leif, and the Empires military hero.
Alexandra Jorgensen- Mother of Leif.

Aadil the Noble Seafarer- Expert Oriental ship captain.
General Emir Khan- A skilled Oriental general.
Soldier 1
Commander 2
Claude Homebird- Occidental officer who becomes Leif’s harbor master.
Commander 1
Soldier 2

Galdin Yakalat- A talented vassal on the borders of the Occident and Orient.
Captain Henry Valiant- Galdin’s right-hand man.
General Hadrian the Cruel- Galdin’s Occidental General.
Nicolas Rivers- A loyal supporter of Galdin.
Al Rashid- The famous Oriental Assassin. Also disguised as Woodrow Thornton.
Citizen 1
Citizen 2

Lord Richard Northburgh- the Emperor’s cousin and lord of the Occidental borders.
Brother Hilarius- an Occidental monk and judge.

Grand Vizier Al Zahir- the Sultan’s close advisor.

One Vassal

Act 1.
Scene I. Capital City. In Jorgensen’s office. In the year 1404
Enter Sir Aguste Jorgensen and Lord Richard Northburgh
Lord Richard Northburgh:
Upon your summons I came straight away. Yet now you are silent.
If you wished to speak with me
Tell me what you wish, and no counsel shall I withhold.
If silence is the better answer, I shall take my leave.
Aguste Jorgensen:
You are wise Lord, yet I know not how to say this subtly.
So I will say it straight, presumptuous as it might seem.
My son Leif is nothing but a spoiled rascal, with no experience outside of music.
The fault is mine alone, and I would fix it here if I could.
But time has told me this is folly.
Despair drove me to my last resort, he must leave the capital.
I would ask you to take him to the borders of the Occident as a vassal.
Lord Richard Northburgh:
That is no small request!
He is young and naïve.
Have you no thought of our Empire’s security?
Aguste Jorgensen:
I have chosen many trusted men to guide him.
He shall lead under their counsel, and your orders.
Of security, am I not known as the military genius?
In times of danger I shall take command of his estates, and the military therein.
Thus protecting the empire from exterior danger.
Lord Richard Northburgh:
You drive a pressing argument.
For we were all young, why should that stay him?
And I see now that security is no problem.
My heart is glad, for I have been looking for a second vassal.
Now I am all set to leave.
Aguste Jorgensen:
Who is your first vassal?
Lord Richard Northburgh:
Galdin Yakalat, a lesser son of Raoul Yakalat by birth only.
He is ambitious and courteous, and is a host of many skills.
It is the Emperor’s hope that he shall help improve relations with the Orient.
But enough time in small talk, I shall take my leave of you now.
Leif must report to me at the end of the month, supplied and ready.
Both exit


I thought it would be fun to release a few questions for peeps to answer based off this intro regarding the future plot line. Feel free to change your answer as the story progresses

  1. Who is the main protagonist and who is the antagonist in this story?
  2. Will war break out?
  3. What is the message I am trying to tell?
  4. What is the motive of the characters in this scene?
  5. What will the next scene be about?
  1. The protagonist would APPEAR to be Jorgensen’s son… although i beleive it to be the senior (but whichever way it is… its obvious that the antagonist would be the reverse of the 2… oh wait… the protagonist MUST be Galdin (unless i am misunderstanding the word Vassal?)(makes sense according to your pre-play intro)
  2. An interesting question… i beleive that although Jorgensen senior sounds like one of those iron fisted, the world is mine generals i beleive either his som, confidant (Northborough) or Galdin will somehow saty his hand/kill him before it gets that far (i could be worng)
  3. Currently (going by the intro alone) i beleive the message you are trying to portray is… although there is many a folly in the youth of today, it is also to be respected and is also a blessing to those who experience it in full
  4. The next scene would possibley be about Northborough either preparing for the journy to come… or about him trying to (and possibly failing???) secure the Vassals (Galdin and Jorgensen Junior)?
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question 5. (extra credit?) i beleive eventually Jorgensen junior and Galdin will try to (and eventually succeed) in Getting Northborough to realise that Jorgense Senior is the true enemy… however i have a sense that either Northborough or Jorgensen Junior will be the first to die, (if any do) but if i had to pick one? i would say it would be Northborough

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Hey @Barney324 thanks for answering. If you would like I can PM you your “results” on the five questions. Or if you’d rather have suspense and figure it out yourself through the future increments I’ll keep the answer secret.

–Edit: I added a little more description in my opening paragraph

Here is the second installment of the tragedy One Vassal. In this scene we begin getting acquinted with Leif Jorgensen and his trusted advisers. It also lays down exposition about Leif’s home estate.

Scene II. Border of the Occident. Leif’s flagship. End of the month.
Enter Leif Jorgensen, General Emir Khan, and Aadil the Noble Seafarer.
My lord, according to the charts a suitable island lays ahead.
Shall we claim it as our primary estate?
Emir Khan:
Nay lord, do not act in haste.
The island itself is sound
But I fear it is too near Yakalat Island.
It is for that very purpose that we should claim it.
Yakalat must learn your strength, my lord.
And besides to find another suitable island is no easy task.
Now gentlemen, stay your arguing.
I am lord and I have chosen
We shall settle this island.
And we shall name it Wolf’s Haven
That should please my father’s warrior spirit.
Emir Khan:
My lord, can I make one last request?
The harbor should be situated on the south of the island.
It will be closer to the Orient
And further from Yakalat.
That shall be done as well.
I thank you both for such esteemed counsel.
They all exit

And now for the questions.

  1. Will Aadil the Noble Seafarer remain loyal to Leif?
  2. Will General Emir Khan remain loyal to Leif?
  3. What is the motive of the characters in this scene?
  4. What will the next scene be about?
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yeh you can pm me and here are the next 20 characters

This segment of the One Vassal Tragedy is the groundwork for a lot of the plot. Whereas the previous two scenes were mostly exposition, now this scene is ‘our’ story itself. We also begin to see some of Galdin’s character and meet some new ones.

Scene III. Yakalat Island. Galdin’s house.
Enter Galdin
Why does Leif bother me so?
Does he wish me as competition?
Why does he settle so close?
But hark, someone knocks.
Enter Captain Henry Valiant
Henry Valiant:
My lord, why do you pace so?
Does something trouble his Lordship?
You were always sharp Henry,
Listen close, for I desire counsel.
Leif has been a hindrance since his appointment to vassal.
Today he has claimed settlement over the island to the immediate south.
That was to be our outpost.
What shall we do about him?
Henry Valiant:
My lord,
When you fight a war you fight first with espionage.
Spies indeed, that part is a good one.
But you mention war?
We both serve Lord Northburgh.
And him the Emperor.
Do we not serve the same flag?
Henry Valiant:
None support Leif, many support his father.
Good Henry, You are a man of few words,
Yet you speak volumes.
Leave now and summon for me Nicolas Rivers.
Exit Captain Henry Valiant
Why was it not clear before?
A flag is nothing more than a cloth.
But blood is strong and deep,
His father is noble and respected
And his word is heard in the Capital
I must buy my time.
But spying I can begin.
Enter Nicolas Rivers
Ah, Nicolas come and sit near me.
I have a task for you, one that will use all your energy and cunning.
But so secret is it that I can say no more without your assent.
Nicolas Rivers:
Speak my lord, for I am grown bored of late.
An assignment shall suit me well.
That is good, I would like you to go to Wolf’s Haven as a spy
Become a devout follower of Leif.
Learn his ways and wants
Know that flattery turns his favor like a key turns a lock.
You will receive further instructions in the future.
Be warned, if you are caught we will not save you.
Nicolas Rivers:
My lord, the assignment is a tough one.
Despite which I think I shall attempt it.
For its challenge attracts me.
Make all your needs known to Captain Valiant.
He will be ordered to fulfill whatever you ask.
Exit Nicolas Rivers
Nicolas is a good man, I hope all goes well.
Now I must prepare the armies.
They shall have to remain in secrecy until the time is right.
Exit Galdin

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This scene of the tragedy begins to show the political opinions about Leif and introduces the Grand Vizier Al Zahir and some of his philosophy.

Scene IV. The Orient. Grand Vizier’s Palace. Three months later.
Enter Grand Vizier Al Zahir
Al Zahir:
This new lord is said to be young.
I know of his great father,
Rarely do the sons of heroes become heroes.
And of this I am afraid
The last thing we need is a fool loose this close to the border.
All the peace talks are likely to come to ruin, and war will break out again
Enter a servant
My lord, a ship bearing Lord Jorgensen is approaching the palace.
Will you meet him, or shall we send him away?
Al Zahir:
Allow his access and then guide him to me.
It shall be done.
Exit servant
Al Zahir:
Well the time has come
I must make an un-biased judgement.
Enter Leif Jorgensen, Aadil the Noble Seafarer, and many servants.
Hail mighty Grand Vizier,
We came bearing gifts and good fortunes
Al Zahir:
Hail me not, I am but a humble servant of the Sultan,
As such I welcome you to the orient on his behalf.
Your gifts are appreciated, what would you like in return?
Nothing, save to make certain of my name.
Al Zahir:
Make certain of your name?
Of what?
What my lord means is that of his name you should trust
And because of that trust, you should allow his ships to peacefully pass through your native water.
Al Zahir:
Well, Lord Jorgensen I see your words are cloaked with subtlety.
If your servant reads you right,
I shall grant your request for trade ships only
I will not yet allow passage for warships bearing your colors.
But note, this agreement is on prohibition
On my mark and your license will be absolved.
I understand lord,
But tell me, is a trade ship bearing armaments considered a warship?
Al Zahir:
Yes, I will have no weapons of the occident transported into the orient.
For such an instance would be an act of war.
Go now, I have important business to attend.
Exit Leif Jorgensen, Aadil the Noble Seafarer and servants
Al Zahir:
What a fool!
The advisor had to speak his lord’s request, for no words did his lord’s tongue find.
A fool running loose is worse than a hundred swords of war!
O Northburgh what were you thinking when you made this fool a vassal?
I must make inquiries to be certain that this Galdin Yakalat is not as incompetent.
Exit Grand Vizier Al Zahir

This concludes Act 1 (of 5)

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I’m going to take a slight break from releasing scenes. I haven’t been too happy with the lack of support I’ve been getting. So I think i’ll give it more time before I begin releasing Act 2

This scene begins Act 2. We begin meeting some of Leif’s staff and experience Nicolas Rivers rapid rise to power.

Act 2
Scene I. Wolf’s Haven. On the wharfs. The same time.
Enter from opposite sides General Emir Khan and Captain Claude Homebird
Emir Khan:
Ho there Harbormaster, how goes it this fine morning?
Claude Homebird:
I am well, for the sun shines brightly
And the water glistens and stirs.
And for me there are few errands
But look the ship bearing spices from the Orient approaches.
Emir Khan:
That is well, for the storerooms run low
And the rogues of the town are beginning to stir.
They have no thought or compassion.
It is good that our Lord spices the life of the citizens
Yet they riot when it is stayed from them.
Claude Homebird:
Indeed, and I fear these luxuries will not hold out.
I’m afraid my lord Leif has made poor choices in routing
Our ships are wasted in useless errands rather than crucial trade.
Emir Khan:
Nay, you fail to understand our Lord’s missions
Young as he is, he is on the reins of diplomacy all day
Carefully he treads in the Orient and even more so with Yakalat.
He has no remaining energy to deal with matters at home.
Claude Homebird:
So is the homeland to suffer while the lord is away?
Is there nothing we can do?
Emir Khan:
What are you suggesting?
Tell me straight.
Claude Homebird:
We need an officer in charge of trade.
One with full authority over his craft, save the orders of the lord.
Emir Khan:
I fear you are right,
Yet I cannot say for certain the council will agree with me.
But look here comes Nicolas Rivers.
From the diligence and intelligence I’ve already seen in him
He would make a good choice
Let us call him over.
Enter Nicolas Rivers
Nicolas Rivers:
Lords, why do you bear frowns and scowls?
With the sun shining and the wind blowing
And with the spices just offshore no less.
Claude Homebird:
The spices are indeed here,
But where are the ships bearing cloth for clothes?
And where are the ones laden with bread, cider, and ale?
They are sparse and late,
And that is why we frown.
Nicolas Rivers:
It is a sad state of affairs, no doubt.
But I’m sure Lord Jorgensen is working on it.
And all our problems will be absolved.
Emir Khan:
Aye he works on it, but never enough.
Too faithful are you good Nicolas,
Even in the face of death you would see Lord Jorgensen as your savior.
But I fear that our Lord will not be able to feed the city much longer,
Not without help.
Captain Homebird has given me an idea to solve the problem.
Later this afternoon I shall suggest it before the council.
If we have our way, a new officer shall be appointed
He shall be the Master of Trade.
And for that title I would choose you Nicolas, if you were to accept.
Nicolas Rivers:
I am honored, my lord.
But I don’t think I could do it.
Emir Khan:
Come, don’t doubt yourself
You are greater than you know.
Else I would not have selected you
And more, Captain Homebird would not have agreed.
Claude Homebird:
You always were a rascal Sir Khan.
And your humor can hardly be contained, even in matters of state.
But what say you Nicolas?
Can we count on you?
Nicolas Rivers:
Although I doubt my decision,
I will try my best.
Should I fail to do my duty,
Know that it was only your counsel that led me to my choice.
Yet I will bear the blame willingly.
Emir Khan:
That is well,
For surely the council will agree with me.
Twice so when I reveal who will take this new office.
Claude Homebird:
My heart is glad, yet I can stay no longer
The ship is waiting to harbor.
Farewell Sir Khan and Sir Rivers.
Exit Captain Claude Homebird
Emir Khan:
I shall leave you as well
So I can begin dictating the suggestion.
Exit General Emir Khan
Nicolas Rivers:
It is perfect, never have I imagined I would rise so fast.
My new position will give me power on any below counselor.
I must make a report to my lord immediately.
Exit Nicolas Rivers

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Here is the next installment. This is a short scene where Galdin Yakalat orders a second spy be sent.

Scene II. Yakalat Island. Galdin’s house. The same time.
Enter Galdin and Captain Henry Valiant
Henry Valiant:
You sent for me, lord?
I think it is time we send in another spy.
The time has come to spread dissention among Leif’s ranks.
Do you have any suggestions?
Henry Valiant:
None, except that Al Rashid, the assassin, should be sent.
For Al Rashid twice tried to kill Leif’s father.
And that feud we can rekindle.
I will trust your judgment,
Send him to me at once for briefing.
They both exit

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Enter @coasterspaul
I think you thanks need I to give, but I
feel compliments pentameter must be.
Exit @coasterspaul
[Please forgive my admittedly bad attempt at pentameter - there’s a reason you’re the one writing a Shakespearean play. :wink: ]


Heh I since @coasterspaul mentioned me about this thread, I realized that I never released the full play. If anyone is interested in the rest I can send it to you via PM

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