[Off Topic]This may seem strange

Ok guys, I never thought of myself doing this, but here I am.

about 6 or 7 years ago I met a girl ( I was 11 or 12), she was 11)

I fell in love with her over the course of a year.

Her family was having issues and they were hauled up in a campground until her dad had employment (My family went to the campground for outings, that is how I met her)

It started out with me meeting her sister at the playground, eventually i found out where their campsite was etc. And I met the girl there (I will not say her name for anonymity reasons)

we were instant friends.

we started hanging out whenever I was at the campground.

I fell in love with her…
I knew she liked me back.

( i was not on the internet at all at this time, so I had no Facebook,myspace, or cell phone)

We would go on golf cart rides, watch movies, swim play at the playground etc. (at each others campsites, when I was there) go on private walks together through the woods, talk about our feelings etc.

eventually though, it had to end. I found that she was moving to Mississippi, (her dad had found a job there). And I was leaving (I would never see her again) before I left I ran to find her. We talked for awhile said our goodbyes… (and i was going to kiss her (I really wanted to kiss her), but I chickened out) and my parents called me.And off I ran to my parents car, (a few minutes later I freaked out, but it was too late)

I never saw her again.

And ever since then, I think of her all the time (well alot of the time)

I eventually forgot about her, lived my life, started college.

Now I think I really liek somebody else, but whenever I think of this person, teh girl from my past is always there, now I can’t stop thinking of EITHER of them.

What should I do. /:

I loved her so much…

I love this other girl so much…

How can I get the girl from my childhood out of my head.

Hmmm it coulds be guilt or something else, but I’m no specialist about this stuff.

I had to say it somewhere… I just can’t get her out of my head… and I really want to.
It is just so hard…
I’m hoping someone else is in a similar boat and could possibly help me out. (and no I do not wish to get another account on another forum)

Well, I suggest you talk to someone about this besides myself, like a psychologist, or a friend you know IRL

You really think there is no one here who has had a similar experiance?

I really do not want to do that, I’m hoping someone might have advice.

To tell you the truth, I had never experienced this myself, but maybe there is someone here that can help you out or someone who had a similar experience.

There is a chance that there is someone else here that experienced something like this.

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Why not try to find this girl from the past? Would make for a wonderful love story :smiley:

All I can tell you is that feelings are temporary. No matter how strongly you feel something–love, pain, loss, regret–it’ll pass. I hope you can move on in time to not lose this new girl. That’s the one thing I can tell you from my experience: dwelling on the past only hurts you in the present. Good luck.

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He has unfinished business with the old girl and if he goes and finds her he can either marry her or officially end it depending on the outcome from the meet.

I’m all into the movie love story element now xD

Don’t be dramatic, this is a real person’s life and happiness we’re talking about. It’s highly unlikely he’d ever find this girl, no matter what the movies say.

I’m pretty sure he can find her very quickly if he knows her name. If she has been on his mind for all these years then finding her and establishing contact should be a very viable option.

We’re not in the 90s anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

True enough, I shouldn’t say it’s highly unlikely. But after 7 years, is it likely she remembers a summer fling? It’s possible I suppose. But personally, I wouldn’t bet my present prospects on it. Of course, I’m no expert, and my advice could be totally off the mark, we are all different, after all :smiley:

It was more then the summer (like I said they were hauled up there until her father found a job ( I should rephrase that he had employment (or unemployment) (I was young at the time so I’m not sure), but the money it wasn’t very good)) .
My family went there many times during the year.

I tried looking her up , there are many people with her name in the world.

I really just want to get her out of my mind…i

I loved this girl. She was the first girl I ever loved.

But now, I want to ask this new girl out on a date.
But whenever I think about it, I also think of the other girl. And franky, it’s driving me nuts.

In fact last night I had a dream where I was about to kiss this new girl and the same thing happened, I chickened out and she disapeered.
I woke up feeling sick.

You probably won’t be able to do that until you actually find her and talk to her again. Your relationship was broken by force not choice so you will probably have big problems letting her go without contact.

My advice would be to try hard and find her and then talk to her. I’m not a psychologist but this seems as the best option considering what you’ve shared with us

Dude, I do feel for you…

Look, out of the people on this forum, I’m probably fairly low down on the list of who’d be the best at giving advice. But I’d like to think I’ve kind of been in your boat.

For me, there’s also a girl. Sadly we had a large fight and we haven’t spoke for about half a year. And I think about her all the time. It is slightly different for me; she hasn’t moved away and in fact is not only in my school but in my form too, so I see her every day. Plus on weekends we’re kind of in the same circle so if anybody’s doing anything she’ll likely be there too. But I think we have a similar problem. She’s holding me back from moving onto anything…I’ve kind of liked other girls since then but I haven’t really wanted to let any emotions develop because I know if anything happened I couldn’t give them even close to all of me because I know she’d still be my girl, not them.

Things like this are just tough. I’m not sure there’s really two ways around it. I think your best bet would be to move on; if you haven’t made any contact with the first girl in several years, you may well have faded into forgotten memories, as harsh as that may sound. I’d recommend you ask out this new girl, see how it goes. You may realise it’s what you needed. You may realise it was a big mistake and you just don’t want anyone else. But I think you need some way of knowing what feels best.


Thanks @Smokestacks …

really helped me out.

I Just asked her to hang out more and I botched it up horribly though…


Oh well… You live, you learn… she said she would consider it…

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