Notepad when saving game

Whenever i save the game before i close it down, i am always in the middle of alot of tasks…
Then next time i load the town, i cant always remember what i was planing on doing next?
My suggestion is that we could have a small notepad kinda thing, where we could scrible down a small to do list ingame in the ui.
Maybe this can even be achieved with a mod? i dont know, but all the paper i use on my desk is stacking up… :wink:


I always make sure to save really zoomed in whatever I need to remember later, so when loading it up I can see from the thumbnail where I stopped. :smile:


Seems like a good idea.

I imagine a feature where you could place special standards, the flags, and each flag would be associated with customizable text. Then see all existing standards within a UI window.


That’s a really cool idea. I wonder if any modder wants to give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly it is a decent idea, but unneeded. There’s multiple text editing documents on your pc. If I’m not mistaken, every pc comes with wordpad.


Every Win-based PC :merry:
Afaik linuxoids have Notepad++

Windows 10 even has a sticky note option and note option built in. Sorry, but this is one suggestion I’d recommend being a mod if anything.

Yes all these abilities to scrible down notes on the computer or real paper is obvious? BUT what if i play on a shared computer? what if i dont want to open up another program every time i need to play the game? What if i dont want to invest in loads of real paper?
The thought is that the game it self is designed to assign tasks ahead of time, so why not give us an ingame taskmaster/manager system?
Well i still stand by the suggestion, even though some people might think my brain is smelted and dont work :jubilant:


Google Drive / Google Docs. Can even be used on your phone so you don’t have to open another program. And it auto saves your notes to be opened on any device that you sign into Google with.

@SirAstrix Please take a moment and think about what you are actually trying to achive with your responses in this thread?
Or is it because you dont understand the suggestion? Then let me know and i will try and formulate myself in more and maybe clearer details :merry:

I understand the suggestion, but I don’t understand why it would be better than using a 3rd party item. Originally you had posted

and thus people said to use an electronic notepad on the computer. Two of which said to use notepad, and I shared how there were better options on the computer to notepad. So then you threw out the argument of being on a shared computer (which unless you don’t care about what you’re building on said shared computer, creates a whole new mess).

You still continued that you didn’t want to use real paper, and were arguing why this was needed with a hypothetical situation. Thus I replied with another app/program that would still work better in those situations.

Point is, through all this, you’ve yet to really explain WHY your suggestion would be a superior item than all these other options. All you’ve done is fought with “well…what about in this situation”. To me, even if this did make it into the game, it would be something that I, and many others, either never use, or found annoyingly in the way. Honestly, for ANY situation you’re throwing out here, Google Docs is the most superior option.

I was never asking for methods to take notes… i was suggesting to implement a note taking system into a game that has a gameplay based on having multiple tasks running all the time…
This is really not an argument? this is not a debate on what external program is the best option to take notes in?
My thought was that it would fit well into the game and you think it would not. Thats fair. Have a great day. :wink:

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