Not enough place for items around banner

I recieved 19logs via a quest, but there was not enough room for placement around my banner and a script fails.

Steps to reproduce:
A) have tons of items around your banner
B) build other items around your banner to decrease the place around your banner (eg table, chair)
2) get more items (via quest?!)

C) not testet, maybe its possible to buy tones of items via a trader (50or 100)

Expected Results:
everything should placed somewere, as close as possible to the banner

Actual Results:
I can happen that a script error appears.
It looks like the place around the banner is limited and new droping items have no place.

The script error happens only once. No idea what kind of script.

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 2807

Hey there @talamatur, you didn’t happen to copy the engine error, did you? I can’t remember seeing this before, and there are many times I have bought 50+ items from a trader and had them appear around my banner.

sorry no. I clicked it away without thinking about it :confused: