Not able to choose biome

Starting a new game i got the following

Picture says enough I believe. It’s the latest unstable branch version. Only debugtools in use.

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Hello, @Doc_Brano. Is that button a link you can click or only the caption of the biome selection window?
Are you 100% sure that you don’t have any other mods?

How much reproducible is this? Looks like a UI issue =S
I think you can press F5 here to turn back and try again.


it’s not clickable, could not go back in the menu. F5 did not change anything. Only shutting down and restarting worked And yes I am sure there are no other mods exept debug tools. This is the first time i got this. I even think i got it on video, will check to see how it could be reproduced

Got the recording. Not much use as to finding how to reproduce it. Haven’t seen it again. Will share the vid link :slight_smile:


In the pic it looks like the game’s running windowed. If yes, does it happen in fullscreen, too?

I always play it windowed. Did not get it Again so would not no