Northern Alliance.... Music inspired by Titanic fans in the Team?

It’s undenyable… The Northern Alliance Music is mainly inspired by the Titanic theme.

Is it on purpose or a coincidence? :wink:

Thanks by the way… Now I have to watch Titanic again on Netflix. :wink:

You’d have to ask @Raj :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Kerby!

I don’t blame you for thinking so but the NA music was actually based more on Celtic and Nordic music. Soundtracks like Braveheart, Skyrim, Witcher, or Lord of the Rings were the inspiration. I wasn’t really thinking of Titanic and any similarities are just in the Celtic roots, I would imagine - though I wish I could make a soundtrack half as good as what Horner did with that!

Also, while Ascendancy and RC have more JRPG style music, NA was about getting into more western-like rpg music (to an extent). It’s still melody driven, but while the others are much more cyclical (in the styles of Mitsuda or Kondo), NA tends to have longer stretches of shifting moods, smaller instrumentation, and more focus on slow, gradual growth than bouncy atmosphere.

I wanted it to feel cold but stoic, as if the music were forming off the mountain mists. And their melodies to feel ancient, as if passed down from generation to generation. Although still with that SH quirky nature :wink:

Or at least that was the idea. I don’t know how successful I was but I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Love it, good work as always, Raj. Thanks for helping give this game a fantastic soundtrack to play along to, it really helps set the mood. :smiley:


That was not a criticism. i really like the soundtrack. But there are some harmonies ( for my hearing) nearly identical to the main Titanic theme and they return again in many NA Songs. Especially the beginning of the theme. :slight_smile:

Sure the celtic roots have ispired Horner as well I guess. The Titanic soundtrack fits really good to the NA feel somehow… Cold… Snow… Ice…

At least I think of the Titanic crashing into the Iceberg when I hear a specific harmony.