Nordling Stuck In Statue

Can someone help? I have a mod (Nordling) and my blacksmith is stuck. I’ve tried to reset him mulitple times, any suggestions?

You could try making a ladder against the statue to connect to the ground.

Thank you. He also had moved onto a the bench I had next to it and I had them undeploy it. Thanks for your input.

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also, good to see my nordlign statues arent broken :’) (someone mentioned they might have been)
that said, that nordling probably came on top of there via the adjacent bench. maybe i should remember to make the statue a non-preffered route. like windows are (so those insolent bugger dont climb on statues dedicated to their gods :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It’s not broken

They’re being enlightened by Odin! Look at their feet, they’re not even walking anymore, just magically hovering


If this happens to you again you can use the teleport command and click to place him where needed @KatPawz

And here was me thinking I got the hotbox prety well aligned XD, bloody flying lings :stuck_out_tongue: