Non-combat units combat abilities

This is a short one… Its about non combat units and enemies…
Let’s say a rat attacks your blacksmith… The blacksmith shouldn’t run away! He could smash it with is hammer! What I’m saying is that some settelers should be able to fight lesser mobs…


Why does the title have “has to be at least 15 characters long”? It’s only the body that has to. But I think different classes will have different degrees of fighting capability, and if the there is a soldier close enough, he will run away, but if not, he will fight it until a combat trained unit comes along.

  1. changed the title, because logic :smile:

  2. I’m thinking the basic concept is that all units will act according to a varying number of “motivations”… if the blacksmith is motivated enough to stand his ground, perhaps he’ll do so?

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@DinoD123 I came up with a very good title but it was to short…
And then I wrote they for some reason…

I don’t know if anyone here has been looking into Clockwork Empires, but they found an interesting little thing there:

  1. Soldiers fight.
  2. Fighting can give you bad memories (hurts morale, etc).
  3. Traumatised soldiers might flee the battle.
  4. Booze makes you forget bad memories.
  5. Best soldiers = boozy ones.

All this was accidental, but given @SteveAdamo’s talk about motivations it seemed worth mentioning :slight_smile: .

As for civilian combat abilities in general… I’d program them to whack mobs they’re certain to beat. To use the rat example, no civilian will be scared by the rat - they’ll just stomp on it & carry on with what they were doing earlier. It’s not really combat when you’re talking blacksmith vs rat after all, just a nuisance the players shouldn’t have to worry about micromanaging.

However, if it’s an orc attacking… well that’s a lot scarier, and is where the motivational stuff comes into play. Hopefully, we’ll see things like villagers running off, getting cornered, and turning into killing machines out of sheer desperation… whilst another villager runs off into the forest, never to be seen again (maybe off a cliff too?).

And thus are hilarious LP anecdotes & stories made :slight_smile: . And thus does Radiant Entertainment sell a bunch more copies of Stonehearth, bringing happiness and laughter to millions in exchange for some nice moolah :smiley: .


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That just made my day.

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Just chiming in and repeating - It would be very nice to see at least the Trapper and Shepherd getting some combat bonuses. Traditionally they’re very hardy and rough roles! In addition, the Shepherd ought to aggro at any enemy attacking his animals!

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