No title smarty

neg meg deg breg seg

its not so much your accent (at least for me), its the audio quality itself… the mic seemed a bit low overall…

and while your accent is apparent, it doesn’t detract from the content… keep at it! :smiley:

your accent also gives character to your personality, and will distinguish you from all those with posh British accents :wink: Not that there is anything wrong with that btw!!!

Don’t want an old fashion British mob at my doorstep :stuck_out_tongue:


Too late sister. We’re grabbing the pitchforks as I speak.


bef def nef gef ref jaf


Keep at it, if it’s something you enjoy doing then do it regardless! :slight_smile:

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mel bel kel def gef bed sed

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excellent game… I can’t make the stream now, but if you are archiving, feel free to share the link afterwards… :smiley: