No Tier-Based Music!

This is a simple mod that I made, I got the game at A-16 ages ago and loved the music… then they changed it! :rage:

That this mod does:

Enables almost every night and day music tracks
to be played when relative to the time of day.

Disabled music tracks:

	Reason: I dunno about you, but this music track just doesn't seem like it
	should be played with the Ascendancy race, so I made the mod disable it.

	Reason: If there's one thing that gives me a headache, that's a flute, and
	having it start and stop like it does in this track is the definition of EVIL!

Known Bugs:

This mod also changes the generic notification audio file for things like
caravans and removes the treble from the horrendous high-pitched
tinnitus-like audio file for when a crafter is told to make something.

(It doesn't seem to like me changing the UI audio files)

If anyone could correct anything that’s wrong within the mod, it will be
well-credited. <3

Other audio-related mods by Faye:

Update history:

1.1 - 13/April/2017 - 17:17 - GMT
I forgot to add the Festival and Rain music, it’s all patched up now!

1.2 - 13/April/2017 - 17:33 - GMT
Corrected new music aliases.

1.3 - 13/April/2017 - 18:12 - GMT
Reverted back due to incorrect alias. (Tested)