Niko's Modeling Cottage

That is a good idea, thanks! :grinning:

Also, I did some more experiment for the thread spools

I think it is either going to be the third or the fourth.

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I am currently working on cloth/leather storage. Here is my first two experiments.


I love how you’ve turned the cloth color scheme into shadows from all the cloth above.

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The cloth storage looks awesome

Ok, I need feedback for my Piles Plus mod,

For gear storage I initially mad a pile, like this:

But I also made some piles which are bags, which brought me this idea:

And I don’t really know what would be best to put in the mod, from an aesthetic, practical, realistic and consistency standpoint.

What do you think? Which model should be in the mod.

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Hi everyone, back to modeling again.

An first attempt at a drying rack for jerky, at request of @Averest for the Piles Plus Mod.

I think I should try two jerky’s per thread, to make the model more open. Then I’ll make the model three blocks high (it is currently two blocks high). That will leave with a capacity of 24 jerkies (3x8), as it does currently (2x12).

Also, I made this. (the three individual pieces of the model are not by me, just the composition.)


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I think the white string/rope for the jerky to hang on is a bit intense. Stacking it higher could be ok too.

Good point.

:thinking: I have a darker colour for the shadows, so I could use that. I guess if I make the changes I mentioned, and that looks better, then we might not need any more shadow colours because you see most of the thread from any angle. :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback.

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New model,

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Is the idea that those are posts driven into the ground? Otherwise, you might want to connect them structurally in some way.

Yes, that is indeed the idea. Probably can’t harm to recosider that for all undergrounds.

Yeah, presumably they can also be placed not only on stone but on/in buildings where that might make less sense.

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So, I’m doing prototypes for making the jerky rack structurally sound. Here are a few ideas.

So the first idea is to leave it as is, just four straight poles coming out of the ground, with a pinch of suspension of disbelief. This is also the style that the cloth racks have in the piles plus mod, so maybe it is not too bad to do it this way:

The second idea is to make it into kind of a kitchen shelf, by adding a wooden plate on top to keep it together. This might also be useful, since you can put some decoration on top of it.

Other options include adding this plate below, having the poles sticking out, or adding little struts in between. The poles sticking out would probably not be better, that would probably not look like an improvement as far as being structurally sound is concerned. I don’t really have the space for the struts, so they would need to be 1x1 subvoxels in cros section, and I don’t really think that that works for stonehearth to well.

Anyone other ideas, or just general opinions?


How limited are you on vertical space? Can you just put the struts at the top, possibly extending the poles upward slightly to accommodate them, and then have them be the full 3x3?

I had a reply to you, @paulthegreat, but appearantly I deleted it by accident. Enfin.

By cheating a bit with the size of the jerkies, I was able to cram the struts in without completely cluttering up the model.

What does everyone think, with or without struts.

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Personally I prefer the struts (and I might even prefer only having the top struts), but I tend to very much prefer focusing on function over aesthetics. Obviously there’s some literal hand-waviness that’s part of the general Stonehearth aesthetic, so I think even without a clear reason for how the structure supports itself, one could make an in-universe-logical argument that it does. But I still like the clearly-visible type. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll stop posting now and let you get feedback from other people.

Either no, or just the top strut is my oppinion

For reference, here is the three next to one-another:


I’m gonna sleep on this.

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Here I have made an asset scene with different types of cloth you find in the game. Every layer has one type of cloth. I mainly did this to make sure colours and models were consistent, and I thought I might as well share it.

cloth_collection.qb (527.5 KB)

I extracted the colours from existing models within the game, and sometimes I had to expand the colour palette with darker colours for shadowing work and the like. Together it has a consistent colour palette for different types of cloth all in one model, so maybe it is useful for other people.

You can use the models in the same way you can use vanilla stonehearth models (heck, some of these are vanilla stonehearth models.) Maybe I will share other model collections here in the future, depending on whether its useful for me to make them.


Hey Niko,

Max here, I have been looking at some of your stuff and I really like it. I especially liked the coloring and texturing, I was never able to fully master textures. And I never got into scripting. You are doing a good job.

-Wizard Max

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