Newf Needs You! (Grand Theft Auto V)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You all (should) know me, I am probably the most known ‘mapgamer’ and if you neither know who I am or what a ‘mapgamer’/‘map game’ is you must have been living under a rock.

Now as you should know, that after many delays and waiting GTA V has come out on PC. I have the entirety of the GTA collection and have played every single GTA game (For at least 10 minutes) and I was hardly going to skip this game. So I pre-ordered it.

Now I kept myself going by watching Hat Films and Nerdcubed videos until GTA V’s release and after playing many hours of Saints Row with one of my friends I was looking forward to GTA V online. Alas, Ireland as you may know has suffered what is known as ‘The Year Of The Celtic Tiger’, a time of financial difficulty, and most do not have much money to spend on things like video games. Anyway, most of my friends, because of ‘The Celtic Tiger’ do not possess the funds to buy GTA V or in some cases, a computer/a computer powerful enough to play it on. So I am left alone on GTA V, bereft of companionship and I am continually killed by GODDAMN Brazilians (I assume he is Brazillian since his username includes Brazil in it).

So, I turn to you Stonehearthians for aid and I ask you to join my crew!#

Warning: Just because this game is 18+ doesn’t mean this forum isn’t. Do not swear or post inappropriate things in this topic as I will probably be blamed. Thank you for your cooperation.


When I get a decent computer, rest assured I will be happy to play GTA V with you. That just may be a little while.

How much does it cost? I don’t feel like looking anything up…
As for GTA, I am a real pro at it. (I start a game and shoot someone by pressing the wrong button and get blown up by a grenade.)

It’s 60 euro on Steam, but I don’t know how much in other currencies.

@Nicedude80 is currently downloading it now.


I just looked on Steam and it is currently $60. You may find a better deal somewhere else.
According to Google 1 US Dollar = 0.93 Euro. (at this moment anyway)

Almost done the download. :slight_smile: I do know that in Canada it costs $70 (On steam anyways). Be prepared to wait a few days for it to download… 59.1 GB. Then an hour of unpacking the files. Lol. @Newf You can add me, nicedude80, as a friend on social club, as well as my friend SkillesSteak on social club. Just tell him in the message that you know me and he will join you.

I have already added you, I will add SkillesSteak after my rest from writing up the Map Game: Heroes and Crime Edition summary.

I honestly didn’t expect to see any topics of GTA V (PC) here. I guess that’s because the game is so different from Stonehearth. But yeah I’ve been playing GTA V since it came out, exclusively. I think that, aside from some relatively minor issues, R* did a great job with this latest game in the GTA series.

I’m currently about 60% through the story missions, definitely taking my time. Still got 24 days until Witcher 3 releases to beat the game so no point to rushing it. But once Witcher 3 comes out I’m going all in on that. Of course I’ll return to GTA V when the time comes and maybe by then the online issues will have worked themselves out? Uhg, can only hope. :pensive:

I’m already in a pretty tight knit crew, everyone knows each other or are at least acquaintances via friends. Feel free to add me though on Social Club, cSern90