New Units\Faction Units\ Trade Suggestions

Even if this game is still on Alpha development, I saw that Stoneheart is a game with potential.
Luckily for us, the develop team is always happy to listen our suggestions so I thought that I needed to give some ideas…

-Docks and Ships: on Stoneheart there is always a chance to meet some lakes but sadly on the Alpha dev are only like an obstacle to our city (except for the smartest who can create small cities inside it), but it could a good place for food: one thing that miss on Stoneheart are fishes, useful as food; in order to ‘‘achieve’’ them is with the Fishermen (a new class) or build a dock in order to create a Fisherman Ship, who can go on areas that even the Fishermen on foot can’t reach.
Docks and Ships can be also useful as for Trade on Water Maps

-Trade: Randomly some caravans (or others) will come into your city offering you some things but sometimes they are not the right and necessary things, so I suggest to create a Trade system with our own Caravans, in order to achieve gold or resources.

-Gunpowder: in every medieval or fantasy game that you respect, there is always the presence of the gunpowder, a resources quite useful in different situations as for heavy mining operations as for military operations; sadly, the gunpowder it’s an unstable resource so only few can manage it or create it so I thought the idea of the Alchemist Class, useful for it and for improve and create new materials.
On the fantasy world, the Dwarfs are masters of the gunpowder more than Humans and so they have access of the gunpowder early.

-Tame Horses, Camels and Cavalry: an another thing that miss is the horses, indispensible animals for a long journey, so it is essential to tame them. My idea is to create a new Advanced Class for the Farmer, called Stablelad, able to tame horses or other mounts (f.e. the Camels for the Rayya’s Children), feed them and give them a cool armor created from the Blacksmith’s Forge.
Horses are also useful for miltary use: combine an Archer with a Tame Horse you gain a Horse Archer, a Knight with a Tame Horse you gain the mighty Horse Knight.

-Siege Units: when your enemy is fortified himself inside the solid walls of his own town and when it seems impossible to penetrate those defenses, here comes the siege units: you always enjoy watch the enemy gate crushed by the blows of your Wooden Ram, the towers demolished by the stones of your Catapult, the arrows of your Scorpio and the bullets of your Prototype Cannons…Who does not?
Unfortunately some of them require steady supply and so there is always necessary the presence of a Supply Wagon for an invasion force

-Faction Unique Units: inside Stoneheart there are three Human kingdoms with three different styles of living and abilities, so I think that will be the same for their military units and each one of them would have some special ones and unavailable for the other factions. Here some examples:
The Ascendacy:
-Gunlancer: a mobile bulking tank, the Gunlancer is the solid defense of the Ascendacy, accessing the most heavy armors and shields, making to a simple Footmen into a mighty warrior, a solid defensive unit or a useful vanguard unit; the difference with the Knight is that the G.Lancer can’t ride horses and they are more slow than the other units but they have access on the Gunlance, a iron lance with a gun installed on it, and a group of them can form a battle formation, making them a real hard foe.
Inspired from the Roman legionaries and the Spartan hoplites.
-Paladin: when a Knight truly showed his strength and resolve on the battlefield, he can become a Paladin, a elite warrior who have access on the best equipment that the Ascendacy can offer; quite dangerous both on foot and with a mount.
Inspired from the Frank’s Paladins, the elite cavalry of Charlemagne’s court.
The Northmen’s Alliance:
-Berserker: poor defense but dealing great damage, the Berserker is a dangerous unit, always attacking first the enemy lines and creating panic inside it and inspiring the other units; his design is based on the Beastmaster Class but more specialized on miltary actions.
Inspired from the ancient Norse warriors.
-Valkyrie: there is always chance to promote women to Footmen, but for the Northmen when some of them showed true ability, they can become Valkyries, masters of sword and bow, making them a dangerous foe.
Rayya’s Children
-Camel Raider: the Children are not a people who like fighting, but when their traders are in danger, the Camel Raiders are quite useful for this situations; more endurable on the desert, the Raider renounce some defense for an improved line of view, making useful as a scout unit or for raiding parties on early players.
Inspired from the Bedouins, the first who tamed the camels.
-Scimitar Warrior: an improved version of the Footmen, these warriors have access on the scimitars, one of the most dangerous weapons ever created, and they also know well the territory around them so they can hide themselfes and create an ambush party.
Inspired from the Arab warriors.

I’m open to ideas and still thinking on some suggestions that can help Stoneheart to improve.
Feel free to judge my ideas:)

I do like some of your ideas, and most of them have been covered.

Fishing is going to make an appearance as something Hearthlings do while idle, among other activities like playing with toys, and talking with one another.

Trading is going to be expanded upon, possibly when multiplayer becomes a thing, so something like what you suggested just might come into play.

In my opinion, I do not like gunpowder being in games like these that are have a true medieval fantasy theme, like Stonehearth. Plenty of respectable medieval/fantasy games do not have gunpowder, and I think that the addition of such a resource is a bad idea as it would steal away the authenticity of Stonehearth - which, in a different sense, is why we probably aren’t going to be seeing horses or cows in the game.

I appreciate that you like some of my ideas, but on famous fantasy battlegrounds such as the Lords of the Rings and Total War:Warhammer, the gunpowder is an essential resource one the battlefield so they can always consider this; same for the horses and tame animals because they are necessary for Trade actions but maybe they can expand the species (for example the Dwarfs don’t mount horses but rams and boars).
They said that they want to create PvP so they can expand a little their arsenal in order to make multiplayer battles or attacking raids more enjoyable.
You didn’t judge the Siege Units and the Faction Units, what do you think of them?