New Greyston's Rebirth!

New Greyston Has been long lost in the early stages of alpha (mainly cuz i managed to get a nice town before an update) But now, Thanks To the wonderful developers of the magical world of Stonehearth, Greyston is being reborn! Screenshots Comming soon!


Ah. The mighty village of Greyston takes a comeback!

Can’t wait to be updated!

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Sadly… a bug happened and none of my hearthlings are building the walls to half of the walls

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Aw darn! Happens to the best of us.

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Sooo… This is still a thing…


just seeing that is making me want to play the game again…its been too long… far too long…

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I too sit on top of chairs while devouring my favorite berries


So i found out that if you have a big build, they will only build certain parts and not others, such as the walk way on top of the wall but not the sides of the wall itself, so i will be making a new world and trying to build the wall in layers, 3rd times the charm… :pray:


I wish the best of luck to the future of New Greyston!

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what if you made a different template for each part of the walls, such as,

  • wall segment
  • corner wall
  • corner tower
  • through tower
  • end tower
  • etc.

then you could build the walls in pieces, and it would also allow for different shapes and sizes of castles.

Very True. However im not sure my hearthlings could handle the building of a tower right next to a wall


sooo… 3rd time is not the charm… New Greyston is having a rough start

may those poor souls rest in peace. :cry:

Yes, Problem is that im only 50 net worth short of getting a new hearthling, AND NO ONE IS COMMING TO SELL ME THEIR WARES!

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Have you tried cutting down some trees or harvesting resources?

I believe this would increase your net worth.
I’m not completely sure though.

i have over 1.5K wood…

also finally a trader has come to buy my wares and now my net worth is over 1K

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What I usually do when starting a game and after my main priorities are set and running is having my crafters constantly build in endless mode chairs, desks and beds to be insta sold upon arrival of Merchants.

Profit is just too high between the net worth of natural resources and crafted materials, you will increase this in no time without further need to harvest resources, and you just buy, manufacture and sell.

I have not encountered any trouble reaching the NET worth cap using this method, hope it helps.

We look forward to seeing more pictures of the great Greyston settlement!!

thats what i was doing, problem was no one was coming to buy or sell anything, just caravans

FYI wooden shields are worth the most, for items made out of 1 piece of wood. (unless A 11 changed that.)