New features in the game

•Would the world you chose and you change the dive of the would.
•Would we able to make second stories for houses.
•Would we able to ride animal.
•would there be enemy camps in S.H.
•would there be weapons like ballista, catapult spa.
They’d are you question that I have thought throughout the game. If you can answer the question place tell me.

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U can already do rough multi story buildings

hey there @austinyoon0… welcome aboard! :smile:

multi-story buildings and enemy camps, definitely…

riding animals and large combat weapons, definitely possible

Great. If you want more Idea ill tell you.

Ideas I had.

A tree house.

Fishing won’t be till post -alpha10 as they predict water to be in by alpha 11 (rough estimate) and you can kind of do tree houses already I think but I don’t when it will be fully implemented in

I do think we have a feature list, but I believe it’s heavily outdated by now :smiley: