New Class - Atilliator

Before I begin most people do not know what an Atilliator is. An Atilliator is a Bow/Crossbow (and arrows + modifications) craftsman (or woman!)


This class should specifically be an upgrade from weaver simply because it would most likely use silk weed as string and also special toxins for super cool arrows.

It’s primary focus would be to craft bows, crossbows, arrows, and modifications for bows, crossbows, and arrows. Obviously this class would support the Archer the most given most archers use bows and arrows.

If at any case a herbalist class or more plants and herbs are entered into the game, this class would use said herbs and plants to craft special poisonous arrows or give the enemy a de-buff from an arrow modified.

Also,this class creates opportunities for hunters to use special arrows to hunt larger and tougher future meals. (If hunters will ever be able to use bows and arrows)

Honestly, I love this idea but I could see how complex it is but I thought it’d be great to share it!

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