New Builder Storage Not Working

I’ve been using the new builder and enjoying it, but it’s quite buggy. One bug I’ve found is that any storage furniture placed inside a building whilst building it won’t allow you to edit its filters. This is annoying as I need to make a workshop but I can’t use the new input bins.

How To Reproduce:

  1. Start a new building in the new editor,
  2. Add storage devices such as input bins,
  3. Build the structure.

It should let you edit it freely, but it does not.

The filter menu is blank with no options, this is with all storage devices.

I’m not sure the version number, but it’s the most recent one at the time of posting this.

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Can’t reproduce this on current unstable. I see all the filters after they’ve placed the storages and the building is finished.
Are you perhaps viewing the Contents tab instead of the Filter tab?

If it’s reproducible on a savefile, please upload it so that we can take a look.

did you use ‘ib’ in the command console? that may be my problem. also, i’ve found that i can’t place furniture, windows, doors, decor, etc on the old builder unless it is in my town inventory