[New Builder] Old Builder Has No Issues With Monkey

So, I can build beautiful Monkey with the old builder with ZERO issues, but the new one throws up red at the key that hangs from her tail. I’ve noticed this with a few builds where the old builder has no trouble really, yet the new one says ‘NO! Impossible!’

Here she is, beautifully done with the old builder:

However, when I try to put down the same beautiful girl in the new builder…

Obviously she’s not an impossible build… but it’s reasons like these that a lot of people still use the old builder.

Can someone smack some sense into the New Builder?


The reason is the new builder doesn’t like hanging blocks currently.
Or for that matter tall 1 block high columns.
Definitly in favor of someone smacking git :stuck_out_tongue:

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@not_owen_wilson will we ever get monkey with the new builder?? :slight_smile:

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Monkey :heart_eyes: