New builder/MP first impression

So I started playing SH with my youngest and he’s used to the older builder, but I feel he’s a bit lost with the new builder.

-He assumed the building would sink the foundation instead of having to figure out which arrow you have to click on to do it or if it was even possible.

-He built the door like the OLD OLD way where the door was sunk into the raised foundation.

-Somehow the building wouldn’t build. He had mats. It looked good to me, honestly except for the sunk door.

It was only the two of us and I paused the game to see if it was a Lua issue.

Knowing which way to drag things on the arrows was confusing to him and what each arrow meant.

He quit after only a short while saying the new builder just wasn’t for him.

I have to admit, It took me a while to figure out how to sink a building without first digging things out.

Just thought I’d give some not entirely new, but new to the beta alpha? version of the game feedback.

Here’s the save of the building (20.0 KB)