[New_Builder] i am bug free! \o/

ok, so just done a deliberate test to see if i could break rickety Builder - here are my results

Mods [Active] - Giant Map - @BrunoSupremo - Results =
Likely to crash in random places

No Mods - Results =
Stage one [undeliberate] - forgot to add door when first used Rickety = bug list spews out 4 pages of a long line of logs + after demolish/remove = Infinite demolish dust-cloud

Stage two [deliberate] - Built massive house - allowed to complete (full with tables/chairs/lights/beds/windows + custom roofs) = they built house with no issue (no bug log list etc)

I then proceeded to cue as many chop wood/harvest jobs as i could … until… Town Items Full (i had 11 hearthlings at this point) Still bug free!!!

I then decided to make a HUGE mine order (in flat ground) as deep/wide as i could (in stages) - they completed hole with minimal slowdown (lag) after hole was complete lag was cured - Still bug free!!!

My Hearthlings starved QQ

Note - All this was done via Peaceful i have not yet tried Rickety on Normal/Hard

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Want to break it? Just design a new schematic, paste it, delete it paste it again, delete it, paste a few delete those… All in one spot. Bonk! Broken :stuck_out_tongue:

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-facepalm- damn coders/modders! - only you guys could even think of that eh :stuck_out_tongue:

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