Nature Vs. Man -An 120 Word Essay by Turtlesquish

I challenged myself to write an 120 word essay. It was a good bit more challenging then I thought, but after my second try I came up with this. Enjoy.

The thud of an ax reverberating after a solid blow rung clearly into the valley. It was followed by many repeated sounds of the same nature. The tree shook and weakened with each blow. The branches scraped against each other. Their creaking seemed to cry and beg for the woodsmen ax to be stayed. Yet no sound of nature could stop the iron head of the determined woodsman. For an hour this struggle continued, wood vs. man. Although the tree took years to develop, an hour of hard work felled it. The last cry of the tree as it fell to the earth left the valley in silence.

The woodsmen grunted in satisfaction. His wife and children would eat tonight.