[NaB] Work Stations Not Working After Setting a Maintain Feature

When I Activate Multiple Maintain in a Workbench the I Get Bug Errors and Im not able to add anything to the production of the workbench and it must be destroyed and placed back down
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set a Multiple Maintains
  2. Wait Until they are in progress
    3)atempt to add another thing to produce to the work list

Expected Results:
The maintains are maintained and the other productions are added
Actual Results:
I cant add anymore production

  • This Bug Only Occurs After The Maintains Have Been Set for a long time and the recources needed to maintain are being frequently used
    my computer cannot take a screenshot
    Versions and Mods:
    Alpha 8 and 9
    System Information: The File Type Connot Be Added
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I had the stations in the wrong order

Could you explain what do you mean by “the stations in the wrong order”, and what does that imply? :confused:

Have you experienced this bug on an Alpha 10 release?

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Sorry for late reply
the problem was with my weaver i was making the bolts of cloth before the thread