[NaB] SGT2 Modding: Skeleton-files are not consistent

I know that this might be still WIP, but the format of skeleton files is not completely consistent at the moment.


	"skeleton": {
		"root": [15.5,15.5,0],
		"bodyPosition": [15.5,15.5,7.5],
		"pelvis": [15.5,15.5,7.5],

male.json (also rabbit.json):

   "type" : "rig",
   "skeleton" : {
		"root": [15.5,15.5,0],
		"bodyPosition": [15.5,15,7.5],
		"pelvis": [15.5,15,7.5],

So the second line including the type-variable is not present in the female skeleton. I guess the engine is able to handle the different formats. However, from a modding perspective it would be nice to have a consistent format.

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wow, great catch! should be simple enough to “confirm”…

i wonder if there is a reason behind this, or if its simply an oversight…

Nice catch. The file formats are still in flux and will be for the next couple of months, so you will see inconsistencies here and there.

As of now, the “type” field of the skeleton is no longer required. The male and rabbit skeletons were generated some time ago, when the field was required.

We’ll do a sweep of all the data files once the formats are finalized.


thanks @Tom@voxel_pirate, going to tweak the title, and close this one up…

but keep sleuthing! :+1: