[NaB] [R114] Player not asked to place stockpile at beginning

I thought I heard something about this before, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway:

Summary: At the beginning, after the banner is placed, the player is not told to place a stockpile. In previous versions this happened and so I am assuming that this is a bug. Furthermore, it looks like there are two sheets of paper at the beginning, implying that it is meant to be a feature.

Expected results: After placing the banner, the player has to place a stockpile.

Actual results: The player can just play normally, and none of the forced-stockpile-placing UI appears.

Notes: This has happened in all of my games (r110 and r114), and also in @Phagocytosis 's videos.


I’m not so sure this is a bug to be honest.

Pretty sure this was changed deliberately earlier… maybe even prior to r110.

Mind you, if you’re saying you did have this behaviour in r114 games etc… hmm. @sdee or someone able to contribute perhaps?

wow, I didn’t even notice! would be curious to hear if this was intentional or not, however…

It was intentional! We will eventually have a tutorial that covers some basic things; until then we felt there was too much going on at the beginning of the game. Good eye, though :slight_smile:


ahh, excellent … thanks for the update @sdee! :smiley:

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