[NaB] [Dev 2081] Unable to start new game: Co-routine failed

Title: unable to start new game

Summary: when starting a new game (in either mode), I am presented with the loading screen and then an error prompt, which then hangs and prevents the game from starting

Steps to reproduce:

  1. launch SH
  2. pick either mode
  3. select starting location
  4. click embark here
  5. weep openly

Expected Results: clicking embark and playing a new game

Actual Results: clicking embark and getting an error prompt



Versions and Mods: Dev 2081 (no mods)

System Information: windows 8.1 enterprise (64bit) / 16GB ram / GeForce GTX 770


weird, I’ve happily been playing on a 2081 world for a few hours no problems at all.

sorry to hear that :frowning: I can’t save so I think I will join you in step 5.

ok, scratch that… it seems I DID have a mod lingering around in there… my apologies! :blush: