[NaB] Bug Report: Sudden PC restart

Just want to submit my trouble with the current build. Not sure you’d call this a “bug” but while playing my machine suddenly restarted itself.

Someone more familiar might be able to tell me if this is something faulty with my RAM or maybe how the current build uses my available memory. Windows 8, 4GB RAM. I don’t have trouble with other machine-intensive games (Battlefield, Skyrim, Crysis)

Anyway, just putting in the report.

And you’re sure this was caused by SH, and it wasn’t just coincidence? Is there anything to suggest it was SH? This is certainly a new one (certainly that I’ve seen)…

If you go to Control Panel - System - Advanced System Settings - Click the Advanced Tab and then the Settings button under Start-up and Recovery. Under System failure you’ll see a check box labelled Automatically restart.
Uncheck this.
The next time your computer crashes you should see a Stop error message and a code indicating the reason. The code by itself is not that helpful but you should be able to google this code to help narrow down the cause of the crash.

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I was having this problem when I first built this computer back at the end of the summer. It was happening with every game I tried to play. Truly, anything I launched that was beyond web browsing would cause my machine to force restart after about 5-15 minutes. I replaced my RAM and ever since I’ve logged hundreds of hours across 30+ games on Steam without a single instance of it occurring again - was playing Stonehearth a few minutes ago, it was the only application running on my machine and had it happen.

Will try to play some other games today as well, then play Stonehearth again and see if I can get it to replicate. In the end, it may be a problem with my RAM. But wanted to discuss here in case it happened to be something with how SH handles memory.

I already have the “Automatically Restart” box unchecked from when it was occurring before. Machine still force restarted anyway.

Will go try to pull up the memory.dmp and see if I can provide it here.

I had this issue on 2 PCs of mine. In both cases, the computer was overheating. Doesn’t really make sense that you can play other games and not Stonehearth, but just a possibility.

Thanks @Spu. IT should be an overheat problem. My machine is running a cool 31-34 C

can you reliably see this occur? have a clean boot up, nothing else running in your system, and have it restart while running SH? I know it stinks to beat up your PC like that, but it’s all in the name of science! :smile:

Forced reboot sounds like a RAM issue. Are you sure the cards are plugged in all the way? I had this issue before too, turns out that the left side of my ram chips weren’t clicked in all the way. Course, that was with DDR2 but might be possible with DDR3.

I don’t understand how a program could force reboot the entire PC though…

Scratches head

Usually it’s either an overheating problem or on selfbuild PCs it can also happen with a faulty/insufficient PSU.

Wrong handling of the memory should not force the PC to restart afaik especially when nobody has the same issue

It doesn’t sound like an overheat issue. He claims to be running at 34C (General statement? Which parts are running at what?)

Thanks for all the help guys, have been experimenting today. At first I thought it to be a RAM issue. Not a power issue as I have a rock solid Corsair 750w PSU and a machine that requires only about 500 of that.

I’ve got an unnecessary amount of fans tied into a LCD fan controller on the front of my tower and they were all running and keeping the thermometers associated with them in the case very cool. Got a couple non-stock heat sinks in the case as well and generally don’t have issues keeping the various parts cool.

I pulled up SpeedFan to check on the CPU and GPU temps while in SH and noticed that my system wasn’t doing a good job of automatically increasing the GPU fan speed. Turns out my GPU was spiking up to about 50C+ I cranked up the GPU fan speed manually which cooled off the GPU dramatically and was able to play SH for 15-20mins with no forced restart. (Did run into another bug though this time a game bug haha)

I’ll keep monitoring it to see what happens but I’m thinking it may have been an overheat issue after all - on the GPU.

What GPU are you using? Perhaps the driver needs an update? I was running my GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7870 on it’s stock driver. When BF4 came out I had to do a forced driver update. The result was my max temp dropping from 45C to 35C.

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Good day guys.

@splicepoint I got this problem as well since I’ve started to play. My comp boots for no reason. I will do check my fans as well, but I can’t believe that this game can overheat as much. What kind of PCU are you using? Mine is a quad 4.0 Ghz Intel i7 and I do have 8gb of ram DDR3. My graphic card is a Asus 770 Ti with 2gb.

Have you sent somekinds of report to the devs? Because you’re not alone buddy :wink:

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Hey there @Psyches, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

Sorry for the delay in getting to this post - the topic is over 3 years old, quite buried! I doubt splicepoint will be getting back to you - he hasn’t been on the site in more than 2 years. (I take that back! Hello @splicepoint!)

Can you provide more details on your issue? You say your computer randomly reboots while playing Stonehearth - does it randomly reboot at other times? What is going on in the game when you reboot? Can you copy and paste your log file for us to review?

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I guess if you put it that way @jomaxro I’ll come out of retirement for this necro-thread. Unfortunately, I don’t believe I was ever able to pinpoint the source of the problem. I have since changed hardware a couple of times and no longer experience this issue.

For if it’s of any relevance or value at the time I was running:
AMD FX-8320 (possibly FX-4100), HD7770 (and subsequently a GTX660), 8GB DDR3, SSD

I upgraded to an R9 290X along the line and now have a completely different build. i5-6600k, GTX1070, 16GB DDR4, M.2 SSD, 850W PSU.

I am no longer experiencing the issue that I was previously with sudden restarts. Based on all the changes in hardware, however, it’d be tough for me to point to GPU, power supply, or any one thing that may have solved this problem.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Best of luck!

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Good day sir!

Thanks for the quick response! Sadly (for me), after few verifications, I
think that the problem is with my hardware. This problem happened to even
when I’m not playing SH. Its coincidentally when I’ve started playing your
game that the situation has started to manifest.

I’m not the only person who got this problem, seems to be with my
motherboard or my power supply wich i’m currently investigating.

If you want tough, I can send you my PC specs for your records (later
tonight, I’m at work right now).

Kind regards

  • Kevin
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If you’ve narrowed it down to your hardware, then I don’t need your specs. Sorry to hear about your rig - I hope it’s an easy (and inexpensive) fix.