My Army Strategy

My developing town of Cacoila Cove has been my favorite so far. I’ve burned through a couple dozen towns with trial and error. The military strategy that works best for me is to have one soldier for every four citizens. Not counting the cleric which I have one for every five soldiers. With this strategy my town has been developing nicely and I haven’t lost a hearthling yet.

Cacoila Cove has 13 Citizens, 4 basic soldiers and a Cleric I threw in early.

I’m still working on blending my army. (Adding Knights and Archers.)

Any one else got a go to military strategy?

My military “strategy” boils down to a series of overlapping contingency plans. Before starting a game in normal or hard mode, I will ensure I have a suitable crop of citizens to fulfill what I consider to be the “core” roles:

  • Carpenter, requires a Mind of at least 5
  • Starting defender, must have body of 6
  • Cleric-in-training, must have high Spirit (usually I go for spirit 6; although I may go with a spirit of 5 if they have a Body or Mind of 6. On hard mode though, I’d keep rolling until I got one with both Body and Spirit of 6, very rare and it would mean they’d be stuck with Mind of 1 or 2 but in Hard mode I’m relying on my Cleric to hold the front line together…)
  • at least one hearthling with a Mind of 6, so I can rush through Masonry to build the Blacksmith’s Hammer to unlock Blacksmithing. I’ll need a third high-Mind hearthling to get started on Blacksmithing; although the mason can potentially change jobs I try to avoid that since it means their new job will be harder to learn.

From there, I get my crafters onto leveling, and start stocking up for new immigrants who will hopefully fill out the army further. If I don’t get suitable candidates (e.g. low health and high Spirit, so they rush headlong into fights they don’t have the staying power to survive), I set them to building walls instead. The Cleric-in-training will constantly produce healing salves until they reach level 1; at which point they move on to energy potions and a stock of 2 light bandages per hearthling. As soon as they hit level 2, I turn them into a Cleric; even if that means having to buy leather from a trader.

When enemies appear in the wild, I send in the soldiers and intentionally redirect the Cleric off to the side, ensuring they don’t get caught up in the brawl but are positioned to heal anyone who needs it. If I have archers already, I’ll send them in before I give the footmen their marching orders; allowing the archers to lure the enemies into attacking them while the footmen approach and get ready to counter-charge.

If there’s a healer, then all my archers will be told to focus-fire that healer; and then their next priority in targets is the enemy with the highest ranged damage. If there are no ranged enemies, then I’ll have each archer target a different low-level/“cannon fodder” enemy, since they die in a couple of hits and that reduces the enemy party’s DPS and their swarming potential.

25 hearthlings is the limit my computer comfortably runs; so in that group I aim to have between 5 and 7 soldiers. That’s 1 Cleric, 1 Footman (I allow them to reach max level and don’t change them to a different military role, keeping them as the “shock trooper” to disrupt enemy parties and intercept the larger threats), 1 Knight, and everyone else as Archers or backup Clerics.


I usually go for a total of 12-15 Soldiers and 3 clerics, i upgrade atleast 5 to become knights early on (simply because knights are OP) and 5 archers to deal more damage, since the knights lack in damage,when i have promoted 5 knights, i go for 5 archers, and once all my archers are kitted with either fire or spiky arrows, promote the rest of my footmen to become knights, then i’ll be set for all the combat trials in the end.

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For now, i’m quite satisfy with my comp, which is :

  • 3-4 knights, enough tanking and taunt to keep enemy on them
  • 3 clerc, could be 2, didn’t want to take the risk. making knight invicible
  • 5-6 archer 2-3 on cripple, the rest with fire arrow. Killing kobold archer faster than ever.

Got tired of warrior running in front of knight and getting powned. Now, i could A-click my army, and not worrying to loose someone. Just my knight becoming sometimes numb, but my clerc are here for backup.

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For normal, up to 45 hearthlings (total city population):
Two 5 man parties: 1 knight, 3 archers (two fire, one spikes), 1 cleric - this sorts pretty much anything, and works as a fairly effective “fire and forget” sort of gameplay, where I can flag a camp outside my city to be torn down and either one or both parties will just tear through whoever shows up. The only point where I bothered with micro was when I was finishing the elite gong campaign.

For hard, up to 40 hearthlings (total city population):
Three of the five man parties above, same logic. However, much more care has to be given to soldier micromanagement on hard, namely when it comes to directing archers to attack the same targets and understanding and developing a burn priority for the different units you’ll come up against. I actually got through the elite campaign with only two parties (the same as normal mode) but it was a struggle with frequent reloading and a considerable amount of running the game on the slowest speed and constantly toggling between pause and gameplay. Three parties eliminates the need to reload at all, presuming you’re willing to babysit some of the more intense fights.

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my military strat that works for me (may be overkill but i get to 30 hearthings really fast) is 1 knight 2 footman 2 archers 2clerics for every 10 hearthings in the town

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What is your Strategy against Orge Troop Carriers.

This one had a payload of 4 Kobolds.

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Uhm, now we need an ogre carrying kobold in his back as a mob!