Music! That is actually classical!

So this post hopefully brings more awareness to classics, and songs that you may one day love. If you want to post some classic here there is requirements, 1. it must be before the 1950s and no new renditions of it unless it is sang the original way, 2. it can be about anything just no discrimination, 3. Please find the song with a way to buy it from an online store or something of the such.
P.S. I’ll be putting a new set of three songs every week, and please no repeats.

For our Cossacks out there…

Something to give back to our Great Polen community…

And for our Deutsch and yodeling fans…

My hope one day is to bring back peoples Cultural music and Cultural love back, so that they can be proud to be who they are, whether they be German, Swedish, Ethiopian, Cossack, Brazilian (actual natives), Mongolian, etc! Any awareness is Gut enough for me!


ahh, classical music… the best music to code by… or trance, whichever is handy… :wink:

I look forward to seeing what this thread produces… :+1:

edit: actually, would you mind toning down the angst against “other forms” of music, and have this simply be a thread about appreciating the classics?

edit #2: thanks! :+1:



The classics, Fur Elise, Four Seasons, Magic Flute, etc…

Might do with some technomusic, I would recommend Korobeiniki. (AKA The Tetris Theme Song)

Cool idea! Here’s my submission :slight_smile:

Can be bought here ->


Oh so Classical indeed my young Friend! Now that is the Spirit of things!

Und eine kleine Nachtmusik, bitte? Die wird gut.

And, of course, let’s not forget the wonderful Anthems of the United States Military.

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Mozart is amazing

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@raj beautiful piece, accompanied by bizarre pictorial overlay = awesomeness… :smile:

@moe_noobinus … one of my favorites! i tweaked your post to directly embed the video… oddly enough, i dont think ive ever seen that piece performed!

I actually, usually, code while quietly listening to Vivaldi or Mozart :smile:

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Well Vivaldi it is then

My favorite of the seasons


Is there anyone who can find winter? For some reason I cannot find it.

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OH danke gut sir! very kind of you! Now here watch this YouTube It Has a Cow parade!
It is Germanic in General.

you’ve made a new topic brother from another mother, see what i did there, that yodelling makes me crazy but i love it and here is palladio one of my favourites, sorry actually about the video its more about the music though :smile:

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It was like this topic was made for me…

Here’s a set of two pieces by Shostakovich from his 1931 ballet score for The Bolt, the “Polka” and the “Tango.” I just recently did a research paper on the work–these are two of the “character pieces” from the second act, which is arguably the most memorable section of the production (though I enjoyed pretty much all of it!).

The Polka starts the video, with the Tango beginning at 2:40. (Sorry about two pieces in one video, it’s just that this is an uncommonly-played work, and the two were together for the recording!)

Beautiful song

Such Wundarbar Music! Who made your piece @Gorkiork? I’m guessing it is French, Same with you @Gridnick who? and what culture? @Atralane the reason I’m not asking yours is because it is definitely Rus and Danke for telling me who it was :smile:
P.S. Silent night how it orignally is supposed to be.

i have clearly not been exposed to enough of the classics… you all are submitting some wonderful pieces here! :+1:

Possibly my favourite piece of classical

And the piece that started my journey in classical music

I can’t for the life of me find legitimate ways to purchase versions of these that aren’t tacky covers :cry:

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No Mozart?