Music Suggestions

Music Suggestions

The recent dev blog on music posed the community a few questions, one of which focussed around this idea of dynamic music; transitional music that fades in and out depending on specific events and their subsequent outcomes.

This thread is to serve as a repository for everyone’s thoughts and suggestions regarding other examples of dynamic music, and just music/ sounds in general, and hopefully will give @Doug and @Raj something to think about that they might not have considered!

So please make your suggestions! What scenarios do you imagine happening, what music would be playing to indicate and express the situation, what short “stingers” do you imagine happening to alert us as players to such events?

I’ll collect everyone’s thoughts and suggestions below, with links to posts for future reference.

Please keep this on topic, if you want to discuss suggestions or pieces in general then please head to the discussion topic, any off-topic comments will be removed.

Feel free to provide examples.


  • Death
  • Music - sombre, mournful music, depending how many units were lost could alter the intensity of the music?
  • Stinger - Depending on class of unit that died, different stinger
  • Positional - Zoomed in on grave/ fallen unit, sombre music, like the current lullaby.
  • Promotion
  • Class dependent stingers
    • Magma Smith - Bass, lots of bass, gravelly noise.
    • Big Game Hunter - Some sort of horn, hunting horn?
  • Fire
    • Music - Erratic, panicky, fast paced.


  • Titan Attack
    • Losing battle
    • Winning battle
    • Victorious

Background Music:

  • Weather:

    • Storm approaching - music becomes darker, slower, more ominous.
    • Windy, thundery, intensity of noise depends on zoom level
  • Town Morale - Level of morale reflects in the tone of the music

  • Town Size/ Style - Depending on focus of settlement: military, farm, economically powerful … music will change. Rich towns potentially more classical, militaristic more ‘march’ like.

  • Combat

    • Biome dependent
    • Enemy dependent - Skeletons have a ‘darker’ theme, whereas goblins have a more ‘mischievous’ theme, titan’s have an ‘epic’ theme.
  • Dungeons - Dangerous music, to reflect the life and death and uncertain experience.

  • Transitional pieces for seasons, so rather than fade out spring, fade in summer, go-between pieces that combine the feeling of both seasons.

  • Winter

    • Slower pieces.
    • Sombre, dangerous nature of winter reflected.
    • Bells, shakers, brass horns,