Music Software?

So what software does y’all use for the music??


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I’d also be interested in this. I’m hoping to start looking into digital music creation myself, but I am still trying to get familiar with software and required/suggested hardware components.


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Hey guys! Sorry for the late response! Stonehearth’s soundtrack is done using Logic Pro, the synth and retro sounds I build using Massive and I use a huge host of plug ins and VST’s from Kontakt (strings, guitar, etc). I use ozone for mastering and touch ups to the mix :ok_hand:


Hey man! That’s awesome to hear you’re getting into it! The word around the industry is that pro tools is for recording and logic is for creating. Logic is newer and Apple-centric but it’s also the most versatile of all the music software out, as far as creating sounds; it is, however, VERY unfriendly to use. Takes getting used to. But if you can learn it, it’s staggeringly impressive. My two cents :slight_smile:

Hope everyone’s having killer holidays, especially with the exciting new alpha!!


Thanks for the information, it’s a bit awkward just trying to figure out what programs to begin with, especially on an in-college budget.

I remember hearing about this program before, I think–unfortunately, I’m running off a PC, so it might not be the best for me at least now. There’s a few computers at my campus that have Digital Performer on them (I believe that’s the correct name, I used it in during my undergrad), so I’m hoping to get back into it next semester to at least start with basic MIDI processing.


Hey friend, I personally love Reaper, as my DAW instead of Pro-tools. I have primarily used PT in the past, and it’s great, but it’s also quite expensive. Reaper is a free download and you can purchase a license for something like 30 bucks. If you are looking for something great, while on a in-college budget, definitely check it out.



I use FL Studio for sequencing, it cost me less than $100 on amazon and it is very flexible. Also free upgrades for life ^^