Multiple fire pits why?

I seem to get extra fire pits from trades that do not mention any fire pits. I traded 3 hunter’s knifes for 1 leather bound chest, after that I noticed more fire pits in inventory.
It might be a bug involving some sort of crafting too, I’m not exactly sure. (for example; I order bolt of cloth to be made, it makes a fire pit too)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Accept trades from caravan
  2. OR accept trade from trader and wait for him to come back and trade the things

Expected Results:
I’ll get my trading goods and nothing else.

Actual Results:
I seem to get fire pits with the trades, even though trader never mentioned fire pit.

Above information is speculation what might cause it, please correct if it’s already known.


Version Number and Mods in use:
0.16.0 (release 559) x64 build

System Information:
Windows 10 pro
8,00 GB RAM
64-bit operating system

hmm… well i know you can get firepits through trading, but if the trader never mentioned them it definitely sounds like a bug… would you be able to provide your save file?

Dropbox link for the save file (47,9MB): Dropbox - 1464639859733

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I got also 3 fire pits by now - but i thought i looted them from goblin camps … not by trading.


actually, now that you mention it, i believe you can get them from enemy camp loot…

perhaps @sdee @yshan or @linda could confirm or deny that for us…

also, @Suomu, have you destroyed any crypts and/or the goblin camps?

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I can confirm that I get fire pits from goblin camps. It is a random loot item. As well as crypts


I can also confirm. I think one camp actually gave me two.


Ohh right. I did loot two goblin camps.

I didn’t know it’s possible to get fire pits from those. This explains so much.

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Glad to help - you are welcome :wink:

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alright, glad to know that’s all that it was, and not faulty traders. thanks for the help with confirmation guys!