Multiple building placeholders

When using the Wall Loop and Simple Room tools, select either tool and then, before placing or cancelling, select either tool again.
The placeholder for the tool you are currently placing will remain where it stopped when you entered the build menu and you will be given another to place. If you then press Esc to cancel, the first placeholder will reattach itself to your cursor after the second is cancelled.

Sorry for the lack of screenshot, would have to quit my game to make it work and it didn’t seem necessary in this instance :confused:

thanks for the report… and just so i understand:

  • click the build menu
  • select Simple Room
    • (you’ll now have the room blueprint attached to your cursor)
  • click the build menu
  • select Simple Room
    • (the previous room blueprint remains in the world, and you now have a new room blueprint)
  • hit ESC
    • (you lose the second blueprint?)
  • hit ESC
    • (the first blueprint reattaches to the cursor?)

Sorry, not the clearest description.

  • Click build menu, select first blueprint
  • Click build menu again, first blueprint freezes, remains in the world
  • Select second blueprint, first remains where it is, second is placeable
  • Press Esc, second blueprint cancels and first is now placeable
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