Multiplayer Performance drop

At random intervals (roughly 1min - 3min) My friend will start having some huge lag, in terms that his game only updates evert 2-5 seconds, this will last for anywhere between 1 minute to 10 minutes.

I live in Denmark (Europe), while he lives in Australia. I have played with multiple people, all who are from europe, and this problem does not happen with them, only the Australian person.
There’s no FPS problems, and Both of us have really good internet connections. We have not had any problems in any other game.
We both have high-end Computers as of current standards (Newest generation of most hardware). and neither of us see any noticeable performace problems in single player, even in heavily stressed games.


  • It’s guerenteed to when he starts to plan a building, which upon cancelling it will resume the normal
    performance at times (Not every time, sometimes the update interval is still low for a duration after).
  • The update problems can often start as a new day starts ingame, (meaning around 00:00 ingame time)


Game version:

Log files
There are no log files to show unfortunately, as this update problem has never caused any of us to crash or lose connection completely.

Multiplayer performance can be heavily impacted by the host player’s upload speed. What was the upload speed of the hoster?

and even if their speed is OK, latancy with australia is basically always an issues. for every game ever.