Multi-Story Buildings

Such an honor!

bows before @sdee and the rest of Team Radiant

Thank you very much :smile: Nothing would ever be possible without the awesome work done by all of you :smile:

(Now I just need to poke @SteveAdamo for a forum title because reasons!) :stuck_out_tongue:


because I agree with said reasons, I present your new title… bask in your mountainous glory! :smile:


Oh my, I feel so happy and excited and thankful :blush: This is just like back in the day I used to create PHP boards to give myself forum titles, only now there’s actual, real people around as well! :smiley:

Nevermind. But thanks! :smile: Now I can always remember the day I’ve taught my little guys to look up instead of looking forward :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the double post, just wanted to say that the brave villagers of Mountainside are now gone… :frowning:

Loading the game is resulting on an error; only the word ‘id’ appears on the error window… lol. I have a backup like 6 to 8 in-game days earlier, so it’s not completely lost… Just wanted to know if anyone knows a way around this issue? :stuck_out_tongue:

All hail bug fixes! It’s pretty much your only savior, unless you’re like a master coder and can debug stuff.

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That tower is beautiful.

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So… reverse-engineering the ingenious strategies shown by the people of Mountainside, the people of Diadem tried to make it a little bigger.

…Is…is this the first castle in Stonehearth?


Well… The people of Mountainside is no more… After the latest patch and the bugged save file, there was no way to continue their journey.

Their legacy will prevail, however. The world will never forget how they achieved incredible engineering feats and, with the word spreading about their techniques, another group of settlers has started a whole new town…

I present you the story of the brave people of Whiterock Valley!

The people of Whiterock learned much from the ruins of Old Mountainside… So they started building a new type of town.

They know they’ll eventually be a large city (or they hope so) and decided that they should build tight, tall buildings.

The Carpentry Shop is always busy in Whiterock Valley!

But with such glorious achievements… Evil eyes watch from afar… With greed, desire… Hate.

Aglop the Reaver has gathered the dark forces that linger in the woods…
The Goblin army was mustered!
They camped and waited for the right time to attack… However their raids gave them away. The people of Whiterock Valley knew that something had to be done…

It was time for WAR!

The armies clashed!

Battle was glorious… But also grim. We lost a villager… But in the end, the evil forces gathered by Aglop the Reaver were defeated!

Victory for Whiterock! And may the future grant us peace…

PS: Thanks, Team Radiant <3 That game you’re doing is beyond beautiful :smile:


Wow, we were posting at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an amazing castle! Congratulations :smile: And yes, I suppose it’s the first :smiley:

The people of Mountainside and Diadem are really pioneers in engineering, I guess!


@Atralane and @DaniAngione you guys just made my day. Especially the Epic of Whiterock! I’ve been looking forward to reading exactly this sort of epic account since I first started working on the game. :slight_smile:

Edit: Diadem, White, and rock have been added to the Ascendancy Faction’s random town name generator.


You are blowing my mind dude. Blowing my mind.


You folks may have foiled my plans to make the first castle, but I will prevail, I will make a structure that is first of something, and when the time is right and it is possible, I’ll build the first server! Muwahahahahhahaha!

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Long time ago, this video here was the origin of a dream I’ve been longing for since then, so I backed the KS campaign. Now we’re all starting to live that dream, thanks to you all :smile: And it’s only the beginning, I mean… We’re in alpha! The future of this game is so bright :wink:

Just wanted to let you guys know that! <3


(I’m really, really sorry… it just needed to be done! Forgive me!)


I’m not ashamed to admit that I am just a little envious of your obvious building talent.

Your meticulous attention to detail is astounding.


Here’s a photo of the inside grand hall. I think I’ve used most of the furniture currently available to spruce it up. (You can’t see all of it, though…)


I cant wait for the day when you and @DaniAngione co-operatively build a city in multiplayer. Impressive stuff indeed.


Just wait until the next builder system update. We’ll have to re-learn the mechanics all over again so we can figure out how to abuse and manipulate that system!

Engineers, Unite!


You made an empty stockpile to get a road texture. AHHHHHHHHH!


Hopefully, when I get back to playing Stonehearth, I’ll build a more grander version of this, the buildings in the red circle, with dining halls, barracks, rooms, and more!