Mountain Island Zion

I’ve spent a large portion of my time playing Stonehearth trying to create crazy buildings or just generally cool looking town-setups. Recently I realized making 2 story buildings with raw resources on one floor and finished products on another floor would be relatively useful for organization.

Then I decided to take this further and make basements, essentially first floors built 7(i think) units underground where the second floor would be touching where the ground actually is. That way you could essentially ‘hide’ these second floors whether its for compactness, or if you’re like me and hate the skyscraper-like feel when your 2-story buildings are so… in the way.

I’m huge into organization, mostly to keep my hearthlings from having to walk ALL the way across town just to pick up a wood log or whatever to make bars for example. I also put all my workshops in the center of town for ease-of-access.
And with the “mountain Island”(96x96 mountain in the middle of foothills) it makes everything very symmetrical.

Anyways, this is where I have gotten so far with this city layout and it’s relatively useful for hardcore mode with keeping yourself away from mobs till you are ready.


build farming on a small mountain and placed storage below it :slight_smile: